Market Expansion Through Charting Upgrade for Turkish Fintech Firm
Case study

Market Expansion Through Charting Upgrade for Turkish Fintech Firm

About the Client

The client is a fintech firm that provides an investment and market data terminal tailored for the Turkish market. The terminal targets B2B and B2C audiences. In the case of B2B, the terminal is delivered to brokers as a white label and equipped with trading functionality.

For the B2C audience, the terminal allows retail investors to buy market data, monitor markets, perform technical and fundamental analysis, and set up price alerts. The terminal also offers paper trading functionality to simulate transactions and test investment strategies.

Business Challenge

A charting component is a centerpiece of the client’s solution, so it was on par with other charting libraries available on the Turkish market. However, the client wanted to expand into new markets (namely, LATAM), so they needed to step up their charting game to be able to compete with players in other markets.

The overall goal for charting replacement was to improve user experience and add advanced features and capabilities. They included an ability to trade directly from the chart and a comprehensive range of drawing tools for technical analysis.

After analyzing available charting solutions, the client figured out that the most popular options weren’t compatible with their platform. Furthermore, many of these charts lacked customization options, but the client wanted the new charting to be seamlessly integrated, which included aligning it with the platform’s color scheme.

Devexperts’ DXcharts ticked all the boxes, so the client opted to integrate it into their terminal.


White-labeling DXcharts

The initial step involved integrating DXcharts into the client’s platform, configuring its settings, and adjusting the color scheme to align with the UI.

Plugging-in market data

The subsequent phase focused on backend integration. The charts in this setup don’t retrieve market data directly from the market data feed; instead, they access aggregated market data from the platform itself. This process involves an intermediary layer between the platform and the charts. The DXcharts team expected such requirements during product development, so it ensured seamless integration.

Expanding into New Markets by Upgrading Charting in Market Data Terminal

“In the ever-expanding world of charting solutions, our journey with the client was a testament to the power of innovation and adaptability. We faced the challenge of not just improving user experience and adding advanced features but also expanding into new markets. We didn’t just step up our charting game; we redefined the rules of the game.”

Andrey Shuvlenov, VP of Product Management, Devexperts


The client’s collaboration with Devexperts for the integration of DXcharts yielded the following results:

  1. Market expansion

By entering the LATAM market with the new charting component, our client unlocked new revenue streams and diversified their customer base.

  1. Enhanced user experience

DXcharts’ advanced features and seamless integration elevated user satisfaction, attracting both new and dormant users.

  1. Advanced trading

Trading directly from the chart streamlined processes, enhancing user efficiency.

  1. Technical analysis tools

The comprehensive range of technical analysis drawing tools empowered users to make informed decisions.

“We’ve been on the hunt for a charting solution for quite some time. It’s proved hard to find due to our GWT-based tech stack. DXcharts has provided us with exactly what we needed.”

— Delivery Manager, the client.

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