Urgent Solution for Funded Trader Firm: Platform, Liquidity, and Market Data
Case study

Urgent Solution for Funded Trader Firm: Platform, Liquidity, and Market Data

About the Client

The client was founded in early 2021 and quickly moved into the funded trader sector with the aim of redefining standards and serving forex traders worldwide. While the founders initially lacked financial knowledge, their sales and marketing skills propelled them forward. The firm’s move to introduce a single-phase evaluation program shows their focus on accessibility for traders.

Business Challenge

Previously, the client had been working with a complete turnkey solution that avoided the complexity of sourcing liquidity providers, accessing market data, and integrating news feeds. However, when circumstances necessitated a move away from the previous solution they faced a significant dilemma. 

Despite being a high-performing firm, given that they are relatively new to the industry, they didn’t have the luxury of building up the long-term experience required to navigate the challenge. This became a critical hurdle. 

To overcome this they needed a ready-made solution covering all aspects of trading activities. The client sought a solution that would work seamlessly from the outset, to reduce the time and resources to coordinate the various components and ensure uninterrupted operations.


DXtrade proved to be the ideal approach to our client’s urgent challenges. The client needed a turnkey solution that included a trading platform, liquidity provider connectivity, and market data; and DXtrade ticked all the boxes.

DXtrade Web Terminal
DXtrade Web Terminal

They also chose Devexperts so they could lean into their experience in the financial sector, and allow their deep understanding of the market to help guide effective decision-making.

DXtrade Web Terminal
DXtrade Web Terminal

Devexperts acted as a strategic consultant. They took the lead in finding a solution for the client, exploring the best avenues for smooth and fast implementation, taking away any guesswork for the client.

DXtrade Web Terminal
DXtrade Web Terminal

Leveraging on dxFeed‘s expertise in providing market data further enhanced the platform’s capabilities and ensured seamless trading operations.


Within a few days, thanks to Devexperts’ efficient and expert advice, the client received a turnkey solution tailored to their specific needs. 

The integration of Devexperts’ DXtrade platform, complete with liquidity providers and market data via dxFeed, provided the client with the infrastructure they needed to quickly resolve the urgent technology inadequacies they faced. 

This was a notable win for the client because they avoided having to use a bandaid solution for the sake of time. DXtrade, a resilient, reliable, and leading offering, was implemented quickly, without interruptions to service. 

This project is a great example of Devexperts’ strengths: authentic experience in the field, quality products with evidence-backed performance, and fast implementation timelines.

Radoslav Shalliev, Account Manager, Devexperts

It’s rare that there isn’t some degree of time sensitivity with a project, so although the client had high expectations in terms of turn-around, this was something we were used to. Luckily there were no setbacks in the implementation phase, and we were able to get them up and running within the period they needed.

— Radoslav Shalliev, Account Manager, Devexperts
Jon Light, Director, Product Management, Devexperts

We work with a lot of new and mature startups, and we believe it’s because we can provide a pretty unique level of guidance and support. Sometimes to avoid dragging out costs and resources, it does come down to experience. We’re happy we can play this role for clients if they need it.

 — Jon Light, Director Product Management, Devexperts

We were in a time crunch and Devexperts were able to come up with a solution for us. We told them what we needed, and trusted them to get it right. Thankfully we were in good hands, and they pulled it off smoothly.

— Product Director, the Client

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