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Monitoring System

Monitoring System MARS

MARS, or Monitoring Analysis and Reporting System, is a real-time network monitoring solution specifically designed for monitoring of various system and application parameters of software complexes (trading platforms, bank applications, measurement complexes, etc.) as well as all types of IT infrastructure (data centers, office networks, distributed systems and more).





Real-time monitoring Real-time monitoring
Analysis toolAnalysis, evaluation and statistical forecasting of business dynamics
Crossplatform monitoring toolFull cross-platform compatibility
Seamless integrationSeamless integration into existing systems and infrastructure
Easy of ScalingEffortless scalability


Our clients say:

“It was convenient to work with Devexperts because of their transparent and easy-to-understand interaction process. Their experts responded to inquiries from business and IT departments of the stock market promptly”

Svetlana Starostina
MICEX-RTS Head of Technical Support department

Real-time monitoring

Alerts are received in true real-time with audio and visual notifications including transmission via SMS and/or email.

Analysis, evaluation and statistical forecasting of business dynamics

MARS is not solely limited to the monitoring of system related parameters. With its high level of configurability, MARS allows for tracking of business activities, common trends and other real-world business dynamics. For example, implementation in a trading platform environment would allow for easy tracking of dynamics such as quotes per second, orders per hour, average order processing times, orders sent by day, changes in volume per month, etc.

Of course MARS is not limited to financial software applications, but can be integrated into virtually any type of system application — tracking numbers of night and day packages received via a measurement application, monitoring the exact number of people in a particular office at a business center, etc.

Graphical representation of information

To assist in the study and analysis of large volumes of data, MARS is equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI), which displays
current parameters on special monitoring panels and historical event data in both table and diagram forms. With the MARS GUI, you can forecast the development of services, client base, etc., all based on aggregated historical data and without time restrictions.

Increased quality of offered services

MARS can assist you in troubleshooting, prevention and removal of failures in both software and hardware, as well as determine
bottlenecks in network and service flow to effectively increase the quality of your services.

Incident prevention

MARS provides you with the power to conduct comprehensive analysis of the probable cause of failures in time to identify
the circumstances that could lead to it and before such incidents occur.  

Isolate and correct faults and errors with surgical precision

MARS alerts your IT specialists about all errors in software and system operations in true real-time. With the MARS GUI,
they will be able to locate and isolate issues quickly, giving them the opportunity to resolve them before your customer ever notices — making MARS the perfect tool for 24x7x365 support teams.

Full cross-platform compatibility

MARS is fully compatible with the majority of modern hardware architectures and operational systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, Sun Solaris, IBM OS, etc.).

MARS agents handle collection and retrieval of monitoring data such as Internet traffic volumes, network node loads, storage space availability, etc., supporting 99% of all hardware and software components that require monitoring. MARS embedded agents are easily incorporated into any distributed system, including third party manufactures.

Seamless integration

Thanks to its convenient modular architecture, MARS allows easy control of even large-scale geographically distributed systems. The
MARS protocol supports transmission of information with both encryption and compression. MARS processing servers allow for complex filtering and preprocessing of raw data for transmission, while MARS embedded agents allow for rapid integration of all existing systems into a single monitoring network.

High volume parameter monitoring

MARS can simultaneously monitor up to 1,000,000 raw values and up to 100,000 processed values (final monitored nodes), including both business dynamics, such as quotations per second, orders per hour, average order processing times, etc., as well as system parameters, such as CPU load, available memory, number of active streams, etc.

Easy configurability

MARS configurations are powerful, flexible and easy. Basic comprehension of MARS configuration may be achieved with only a short training course, and the power and flexibility they provide allows for almost limitless application.

Historical data tracking

With MARS, you can easily identify the inclination of parameter fluctuations, study the circumstances that led to specific incidents
and prevent potential future problems in a timely manner. MARS displays historical data in the form of reports and graphs for easy analysis. All information collected by MARS remains available without any predetermined storage expiry limitations. Configurable throttling is also supported. Additionally, reports can be generated and delivery automatically according to predefined schedules, as well as fully customized and easily white labeled for your company’s needs.

High operational reliability

MARS can remain in full time operation with an availability (uptime) index of over 99.99%, and takes internal steps to insure
the highest possible reliability, including reservation of all key elements such as processing servers, databases and redundancy schema with active and standby components, transmission of alerts through multiple simultaneous channels, etc. MARS technical support is also available 24x7.

Cloud and Virtualization monitoring
Custom software monitoring
Database monitoring
Hardware parameters monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk space etc.)
Log monitoring
OS monitoring (Windows, *nix, OS X)
Process monitoring
Real-time conditional data processing with mathematical and statistical functions
Scheduled jobs monitoring
Self-monitoring functionality
True real-time monitoring and alerts
Windows event log monitoring
Flexible pricing model
Free custom development (if feature is deemed useful for general deployment)
Free education
Free software updates
Free trial period
Low hardware requirements
Low-cost support
Agent-based architecture
Distributed monitoring and scalability
Easily upgradable
Free database for historical data
Initial setup handled by Devexperts
Automated or manual setup
Cross-Platform compability
Simple XML-based precise configuration
24x7x365 support service
Constant improvements (4 releases per year)
Authorization, security and access Control
Data feed compression
Enhanced functionality (via embedded agents)
Tthird party tool integration
Secure protocol
10 built-in processing hadlers
5 generic monitoring agents
Live (real time) charting
Fully configurable dashboards
Data export (values and charts)
Email alerts
Historical data server
Java Management eXtensions (JMX) support
Libraries for direct software agent embedding
Localization support
Multi-monitor layouts
Rich GUI
Scheduled reporting with customizable templates
SNMP and SNMP trap support
Audio alerts
Visual alerts
  Monitoring capabilities
  Running cost related
  Deployment capabilities
  Enterprise capabilities
  Other features

LAC Co., Ltd.

“One of the great points of MARS is that it has flexibility, scalability and possibility of customization. We asked Devexperts the special function that is necessary for our monitoring system before. They cooperated us and created great one. It's worked with no incident. We've been appreciated their constant help very much. ”

Aya Sekiguchi
LAC engineer


“It was convenient to work with Devexperts because of their transparent and easy-to-understand interaction process. Their experts responded to inquiries from business and IT departments of the stock market promptly. In order to improve the communication processes, Devexperts has created a system of testing and presenting results that correspond to the internal processes that are standard on the Moscow Stock Exchange.”

Svetlana Starostina
MICEX-RTS Head of Technical Support department


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