Meet Denis from Devexperts at the iFX Expo Dubai this May 2021

Denis from Devexperts at iFX EXPO

After a long period of isolation, there is finally a chance to meet each other at a real venue in Dubai, UAE. The gathering of retail and institutional Forex/CFD/Cryptocurrency brokers, software and liquidity providers, payments, IBs, legal & compliance firms will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

This is a unique opportunity to catch up with the FX industry members, as there’s been a lot of extraordinary events over the past year in the OTC and stock trading world. From crazy volatility to trading platforms in downtimes lasting for hours, to challenges of competition and a lot needs to be discussed. 

These events attracted many new traders to the forex market, which in turn placed a higher load on the brokers infrastructure. Brokers need to reliably sustain an increased load for an extended amount of time to stay competitive and provide the best service for their clients.

Denis Kozlov, VP of Business Development is going to the Dubai iFX Expo with an aim to consult and discuss with brokers ways to strengthen their disaster recovery strategy, overcome performance limitations, and to upgrade and make their software scalable. 

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