We are going to FMLS 2022

FMLS 2022

Devexperts representatives are joining the Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS). This year’s edition marks the event’s 10th anniversary. 

The FMLS conference covers financial services, crypto, payments, and FinTech. The 2022 edition includes four new content tracks. They include leading executives from the online trading sector, key players in the FX/CFD and crypto space, and emergent and leading fintech companies using technology to improve financial services.

This year’s summit will have 3,500+ attendees, 130+ speakers, and 150+ exhibitors. It will feature next-generation products and you’ll meet representatives from different areas. Additionally, sessions will cover neobanking, banking platforms, cybersecurity, and more.

Attendees have the opportunity to network, attend presentations and talks, and test software. 

During the event, you’ll be able to test some of Devexperts’ newest and best products, including:

DXtrade CFD and DXtrade Crypto

These products are suitable for established brokers looking to add another trading platform to their range. They’re also great for startup brokers who want a quick-to-deploy solution to launch their business.

DXtrade XT

The product is ideal for brokers offering exchange-traded assets.


Devexa is an AI assistant and chatbot for brokers and their traders. While you’re attending FMLS, you can directly chat with Devexa, send orders, and request quotes. You can even test the chatbot as an integrated widget into the trading platform.


This is a multiple trading server hub for multi-asset brokers. It has a dealing monitor and unified API. It enables brokers to integrate IT ecosystems with trading servers. This is regardless of how many platforms or what brands you use.

Our team representatives are business development specialists with an engineering background. They can test your trading infrastructure and find ways to improve it. You can schedule a meeting with:

  • Ben Clark, VP of Business Development
  • Jon Light, VP of Trading Solutions (for FX and Crypto brokers)
  • Vitaly Kudinov, SVP of Sales and Business Development
  • Denis Kozlov, VP of Business Development
  • Michael Sprachman, VP of Brokerage Trading Platform (for stocks, options, futures, funds, bonds brokers)

Jon Light will be part of The Cutting Edge: Advances in Trading Technology panel. You can meet him at booth #1.

The conference will be a great opportunity for you to network with industry professionals. It’s also a unique spot to get to know Devexperts’ team and products.

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