Webinar: Laying the Foundations for Unique Best-of-Breed Trading Solutions Through Interoperability

Webinar Laying the Foundations for Unique Best-of-Breed Trading Solutions through Interoperability

Date: May 23, 2024

Time: 10:00 am ET / 3:00 pm London / 4:00 pm CET

Duration: 50 minutes

Devexperts is sponsoring and participating in a webinar specifically designed for professionals in the trading and investment industry, data delivery, cloud and managed services, and trade execution technology. The webinar will focus on how to ensure data consistency across frequently used applications for more actionable insights, real-time decision-making, faster workflows, and reduced errors.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create unique and efficient trading solutions that improve desktop interoperability and provide added value. The webinar will focus on several key elements, such as flexible frameworks that allow seamless switching of applications, a user interface, low- and no-code solutions, microservices, and increased collaboration between vendors and users. This practical guidance will help you lay the foundation for best-of-breed trading solutions.

Register for the webinar to find out about:

  1. The current situation of desktop interoperability
  2. The reasons why companies should be investing now
  3. Challenges of achieving optimal interoperability
  4. Best interoperability practice and solutions
  5. The significance of new interoperability standards
  6. The advantages of successful implementation and the consequences of failure.


  1. Vitaly Kudinov, SVP of Sales and Business Development at Devexperts
  2. Peter Eliades, Managing Director of Electronic Trading at Clear Street
  3. Dan Schleifer, President and Co-founder of interop.io.

The webinar moderator is Sarah Underwood, Editor at A-Team Group. Learn more about speakers and book your place.