Devexperts DXtrade Enterprise helps B2Broker Secure its Position as a PoP Liquidity Provider

B2Broker’s customised version of Devexperts DXtrade Enterprise combined with its technology and deep liquidity has culminated in an unmatchable offering in the industry.

LIMASSOL, Cyprus—B2Broker, a leading liquidity and technology provider of solutions to the Forex and crypto industry, has signed an agreement with Devexperts, a financial software developer, to license their DXtrade Enterprise platform. DXtrade Enterprise is a multi-asset trading solution for brokers which, unlike other existing OTC trading platforms, supports the entire spectrum of assets. This feature will allow B2Broker to become the leading Prime of Prime liquidity provider in the industry.

B2Broker’s pool of trading platforms currently includes OneZero Hub, PrimeXM xCore, several MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, together with B2Trader (the company’s own Matching Engine platform). With the addition of DXtrade Enterprise, clients will be able to gain quick and easy access to one of the deepest liquidity pools in the industry for Stocks/Equities, ETFs, CFDs, Futures, Vanilla Options, Commodities, Metals, Forex, Crypto Futures, Crypto Spot, Crypto CFD and Bonds.

The company, which recently expanded its Crypto CFD liquidity offering with the addition of 61 new crypto pairs, now totalling 100 pairs, is recognised as being one of the industry’s leading LPs, offering the highest level of support with 24/7 trading and support in English, Russian, Chinese Cantonese and Simplified, Arabic, Spanish, Hindu, Italian, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Hebrew and Turkish.

B2Broker recently completed its integration with the DXtrade Enterprise platform in order to spread liquidity amongst brokers who already use DXtrade Enterprise and to offer it to newly established or expanding brokers. From now on, they will be able to connect to one of the largest liquidity pools in the industry in just one minute through FIX API or by connecting to DXtrade Enterprise directly.

Moreover, B2Broker has integrated B2Core with DXtrade Enterprise. B2Core, the new name for Trader’s Room, is a ready-made functional solution for brokerages which allows clients to verify and register customers and perform functions such as accepting and sending payments, make deposits and withdrawals and open accounts, etc. Companies who use the DXtrade Enterprise platform can quickly get connected to B2Core prior to launching their own brokerage business.

Finally, the company’s cryptocurrency payment gateway, B2BinPay, has also been integrated with DXtrade Enterprise, enabling clients to securely and cost-effectively send, receive, store, exchange and accept cryptocurrency payments online.

Arthur Azizov, Founder and CEO of B2Broker commented, “Our goal to become a global Prime of Prime liquidity provider became a reality thanks to our tailored version of DXtrade Enterprise which, in combination with our technology and depth of liquidity, makes our offering unmatchable in the industry.”

Evgeny Sorokin, SVP of Software Engineering, Devexperts added: “We are pleased that B2Broker has chosen our modular multi-asset trading platform. DXtrade Enterprise can be configured to serve different clients in different markets and I am certain that our technology will assist B2Broker with their expansion.”