The Big Bang in the Development of Trading Systems

CFH Group and Devexperts have announced the launch of a revolutionary trading platform called “Tradable”.

Tradable is the first—and to date, the only—open trading platform for the Forex market. Its functions and features are not limited by the original developer’s vision, or the initial specs of the brokerage firm, but instead can be expanded and modified quickly by the selection of third party software, and ultimately, by the end users themselves.

Tradable comes equipped with functions that allow one to perform all of the common tasks associated with Forex trading. Additional components for the platform are available as applications that users may select from at the Tradable app store and install themselves.

Becoming a provider of applications for Tradable is as easy as for Google Play, which will attract developers and will encourage exciting new designs in the previously rather conservative industry of financial software.

Jannick Malling, CEO of Tradable, explained the reason for creating this unique project in a recent interview by Forex Magnates, “Many innovative products are increasingly coming from the startups rather than the bigger, established players. Small tech firms can execute more rapidly, and adapt quickly to the market in order to find their niche. However, a lot of these companies have a hard time scaling their business.” Tradable resolves this conflict and paves the way for innovation.

Devexperts has been working in the field of financial software for over ten years. We have often been faced with situations where a good idea could not be implemented because of the requirement for integration with existing software, and the conservatism of the industry. We have created this platform to enable both ourselves and other developers—our colleagues—to freely realize their visions for powerful new software products that is certain to foster an entire new cottage industry of development in the financial software arena—even giving it a modern social context.

“I am proud that Devexperts has laid the technological foundation for the project,” said M. Babushkin, Founder and CEO of Devexperts, and board member of Tradable.