Devexa Intelligent Assistant Available for cTrader Brokers

Devexa Chatbot is available for cTrader Brokers, MT4 and MT5 Brokers

Devexperts, a financial software provider, integrated their AI digital assistant Devexa with another trading platform cTrader

Devexa is a multi-language digital trading assistant and chatbot for brokers. Devexa is an automated solution arriving just in time to engage a whole new generation of traders. She is here to provide a new means of trading and on-the-go market information (i.e. interactive charts, news, stock fundamentals, etc.) via mobile messengers and smart speakers.

Now, brokers using the cTrader platform can offer their traders a white-label of Devexa. The traders can access information from their trading accounts through a messenger of their choice. The user can see their positions, balance, P&L, place market, and pending orders.

Devexa is already integrated with dxTrade, MetaTrader 4/5, and is available for use via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Google Assistant, and Yandex Alice. Being a smart chatbot, Devexa understands typed and spoken natural language.

With her help brokers can:

  • Extend their trading platforms to client messengers
  • Stimulate lead generation, IBs, and referral programs
  • Provide an alternative path for onboarding/KYC
  • Add an automated front line of customer support

Devexa can be white-labeled or fully customized for brokers. It has a set of APIs for connection with a broker’s ecosystem, including backoffice, CRM, support systems, 3rd party news, signals, or content providers.

Evgeny Sorokin, SVP of Software Engineering said: “We continue to add more informational services and platforms to the list of Devexa’s integrations. Spotware Connect API provides an easy way to access trading accounts. Devexa makes it easy to trade on the go in messengers.”

Conor O’Driscoll, VP of OTC Platforms said: “The addition of cTrader was a natural progression after we recently added MT4/5. We envision Devexa being a product that can support all brokers and their clients regardless of their trading platform.”

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