Devexperts Takes Part in the Options Trading Conference

Devexperts has taken part in the Fifth International Annual Conference “Options Trading in Theory and Practice” – on May 23-25, 2008. The conference was organized by RTS Stock Exchange in cooperation with Derivative Expert news agency.

The Conference “Options Trading in Theory and Practice” is a traditional event for the financial community operating in Russian options market. Each year, professional options market players visit the Conference to take part in the discussion of the latest market trends. The event also attracts interest of software development companies specialized in financial solutions for the options market, as well as international financial companies operating in Russia.

The leading international and Russian companies have taken part in the Conference 2008. This time, the participants at the Conference discussed the most acute questions concerning Russian options market, the latest achievements in the field of options trading, as well as the market tendencies and challenges. The representatives of international companies shared their experience in Russian options market with Russian participants.

At the Conference Devexperts has taken part in the discussion and presented its financial solutions for options trading and brokerage:

  • Back Office System, designed for effective information management and detailed reporting on financial and investment activities of brokers, dealers, investment companies and custody;
  • Market Data Distribution Service for brokerage and financial companies;
  • Order Management System, providing executing brokers and sell sides with comprehensive functionality for both manual and automated order processing, accurate monitoring over each stage of order routing, and detailed reporting on order execution;
  • Flash-charting module that allows for accurate technical analysis and displays live exchange rates in a chart form.

Devexperts also presented its Institutional Trading Module designed for institutional money managers, market makers, and professional traders specialized in stocks, futures, and options online trading. The platform is adapted to huge trading volumes and high concentration of funds in user accounts. The application features smart execution strategies, advanced level II display, customized reporting, precise position analysis, rule-based trading, real-time data feeds, and even more functionality based on the latest and innovative technology trends.

The Institutional Trading Platform benefits from fully integrated front-, middle-, and back-ends, including professional risk and order management applications, powerful quote distribution and pricing engines, built-in DDE technology, and FIX gateways to enable real-time operation, direct market connectivity, on-the-spot risk evaluation, multiple execution routes, and direct management of order flow.