Devexperts becomes an official ISTQB certification center

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Press Release
July 20, 2011


ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a world leader in certification of software testing engineers. The board is represented by over 60 national offices worldwide. An ISTQB certificate is a proof of compliance of one’s skills and knowledge with high international standards, and is highly regarded by most foreign IT companies.

According to head of ISTQB certification center at Devexperts Mikhail Chinyakov, the significance of an ISTQB certificate is determined by integrated international standardization of knowledge and technical terminology used, along with the focus upon practical application of testing skills. “The importance of such a certificate for IT specialists can hardly be exaggerated, since no academic programs in the field of software testing are currently available. Getting ready for an ISTQB certificate exam at any level allows for organizing of one’s knowledge acquired in practice and providing a theoretical foundation for it”, – he emphasized.

Certified specialists are a guarantee of efficient performance by an IT company, as well as a convincing advantage for the customers, as a certificate ensures a certain level of services the company offers. That is exactly why a professional certificate and not a college degree is a No.1 requirement on the list of quite a many western employees.

“Having an in-house certification center of this range is an important stage of development for us, says Yan Stolyar, head of Business Development Department. – Half of our customers are major brokerages from the USA and Western Europe, and they rank the quality of software supplied to them as essential for the success of their business. Moreover, having an ISTQB certification center will help us attract more attention from high level technical specialists who strive for personal development”.

“The very goal to pass an ISTQB Foundation exam implies work. ISTQB Foundation is an exam that makes you think and work hard, read a lot, and listen to smart people. Preparing to ISTQB Foundation makes you understand the very basics of software testing”, Dmitry Boitsov, one of the first certified company specialists, comments.