Devexperts Develops Unique Universal Testing Toolkit

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Press Release

January 30, 2012 

Devexperts has developed its own toolkit for system capacity testing: dxTest framework which is unrivaled even among products developed by the most advanced load testing software developers.

The unique character of dxTest provides for simulation of all nonlinear features of load typical for a living system, thus allowing for testing of system stability and performance under near-real conditions. As distinct from ordinary load testing systems where provision of several load stages is a very time- and resource-consuming process, dxTest can easily simulate a load changing every 5 minutes. According to Vladimir Vakhlov, head of the load testing team at Devexperts, dxTest allows for long-term system stability testing under near-real load conditions. The model of virtual user behavior can be easily altered in accordance with new testing requirements; you will just need any text editor for this purpose.

dxTest is a Java-oriented universal framework for load testing of any type. Being so flexible, dxTest can be utilized for testing of any system, and no alteration of the system itself is required; all it takes is to connect the client emulator of a relevant system to dxTest.

dxTest has a client/server architecture. Not being a distributed system in the true sense of the word, dxTest, however, utilizes certain means increasing its ‘degree of distribution’ significantly, such as general status monitoring and data recovery in case of lost connection between the graphic control interface and the part responsible for user activity emulation.

General monitoring is essential for long-term tests, as it makes control over the state of dxTests system components much easier. The information on the state of each dxTest node is accumulated in the graphic control interface. All the collected data is represented as a chart which can be maximized to see necessary details. Monitoring data can be delivered as diagrams; certain diagrams can be laid over each other for comparison. The data communication mechanism is arranged in a way allowing for use of any external tool supporting the encrypted SNMP v3 protocol in order to review the data.

The main block responsible for aggregation and representation of all the system response statistics is the UTT graphic control interface. To protect data against loss in case of failure or even complete outage of the graphic control interface, the dxTest architecture provides for restoration of not only all the collected test metrics and test scripts involved, but even the list of all nodes where client emulators are located. This architectural feature of dxTest developed by Devexperts makes it possible to activate an additional graphic control interface for external monitoring of the test status.

The toolkit was initially developed for the needs of Devexperts itself. Most of the customers are western companies with tens of thousands users. Reliability of the solutions we offer is one of the competitive advantages of DX product line introduced by Devexperts. The software developed by Devexperts operates in real time mode with a trouble-free operation index 99.99% and above, also during peak hours when the rate and the volume of transactions achieve their maximum, which is insured, among other issues, by a proprietary testing toolkit.