Devexperts ESG Manifest

Devexperts ESG

Devexperts aims to develop financial software that helps capital market firms grow, adapt, and gain a technological advantage. Along with our commitment to sharing our fintech expertise, we also focus on how we do it and strive to positively impact the environment, society, and our employees.

In our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) manifest, we state the strategy that helps us reach this goal.

Environmental Governance

As a company, we’re responsible for minimizing our carbon footprint. To that end, we’re reducing waste production and our operations’ adverse effects. The global pandemic allowed us to identify areas in our physical offices where we can improve. This step helped us re-think and reconstruct these areas. Now, we:

  • Promote conscious water consumption in our offices
  • Encourage our employees to reduce waste production and plastic use as we offer eco-friendly, reusable utensils
  • Restrict document printing to a minimum
  • Strive to use energy-efficient hardware and power-saving technologies in our offices
  • Distribute all our products and services through cloud solutions, minimizing on-premise energy consumption and our carbon footprint

Social Governance

Information accessibility is a high priority at Devexperts. Our company aims to be reachable to all groups and audiences. We:

  • Make our software accessible to all user groups by adhering to UX/UI design best practices
  • Strive to narrate our key materials in an accessible manner

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Devexperts cares for employees and clients. Below are the most important principles in our corporate governance strategy. We:

  • Have a rigorous process when selecting customers, refusing to provide our technology to companies we suspect may be involved in scam activities
  • Follow the FX Global Code. Thus, we adhere to the global principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market
  • Believe strongly in gender equality and equal opportunity principles in our hiring process. For any position, whether a junior specialist or top manager, we guarantee equal terms and opportunities 
  • Provide everyone with equal opportunities to excel and grow in our company through our inclusive working environment
  • Focus on providing regular feedback to employees through our HR department. To this end, the department conducts personal performance reviews with all employees. We also encourage employees to reach out to their managers for feedback on their achievements and discuss growth opportunities

Our Initiatives for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Academic and Educational Activities

Constant growth and education are crucial to success. In this regard, we provide our existing and potential employees with endless development opportunities. We:

  • Coordinate non-commercial projects to retrain specialists from other fields willing to enter the IT industry. After training, we provide them with job opportunities
  • Work with younger generations. We organize educational events for University and secondary school students
  • Provide our employees with endless opportunities for professional and personal growth. We organize courses on facilitation, financial literacy, public speaking, language development, and more. 
  • Foster our employees’ desire for education by providing  financial aid and study leave
Devexperts Career
We provide our existing and potential employees with endless development opportunities

Charity Work

Devexperts supports social projects that strike a deep chord in the hearts of our team. That’s why we:

  • Regularly work with community-minded organizations that support people with intellectual disabilities 
  • Collaborate with a project supporting homeless animals
  • Are involved, with our employees, in a charity aimed at orphanages

Our Initiatives for Quality of Life and Healthcare

We care for all our employees’ well-being and continuous improvement. In this regard, we ensure all employees have access to mentoring, flexible schedules, and health insurance. We’ve implemented this as follows:


Our intercompany mentoring system benefits employees looking for career advice and guidance.

Flexible Schedule

Work-life balance is vital, so we let our employees tailor their work schedules.

Health Insurance

We provide our employees with health insurance that includes psychological help.

Devexperts wants to contribute to the world’s well-being both professionally and socially. We live by this manifest and treat the environment and people with care, compassion, and love. Our team hopes to attract employees and clients with the same views and principles on life and work.

We ensure all employees have access to mentoring, flexible schedules, and health insurance

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