Devexperts Free JIRA Description History Plugin for Atlassian Marketplace

Devexperts is always looking for new ways to improve the software development processes to deliver the best solutions in FinTech and increase transparency with clients.

In addition to six other free add-ons provided by Devexperts for Atlassian stack, Devexperts has recently developed one more much needed JIRA extension: Description History Tab for JIRA

In our experience, the majority of JIRA users edit ticket descriptions for a variety of reasons. Tracking these changes via the regular history tab becomes increasingly more complicated with the frequency and size of changes being made. This plugin allows for a more straightforward approach to tracking all mark-ups and inclusions in ticket Descriptions. It easily tracks changes in Description fields by identifying and highlighting any edits and additions to existing descriptions.

Prior to this Plugin
Alterations made to description fields was presented through the “History” tab, in a plain text format with no clear indication of where the change occurred. This meant that in order to understand and act upon any changes made, eye-comparison between two chunks of text was the only option.

Using the Plugin
Our solution will clearly identify important changes made without having to scan through blocks of text in search of differences, and create a mockup rendering to highlight these differences.

Who benefits from this plugin
Users who edit their tickets many times throughout their lifecycle will benefit from this solution most. In Devexperts experience, functional analysts and project managers make the best use of it. 

Who else might want to use it outside of IT?
The add-on is compatible with any Jira Server types (Core, Software, Service Desk) and could be used in any process where tickets have a Description field being edited throughout a lifecycle, not only for IT.