Devexperts Market Data Solution Gets Visual Vitality

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Devexperts, the leading provider of professional trading platforms and market data services for the financial community, today announced the upcoming launch of the Inforider desktop platform to deliver real-time information, analytics and news on equities, options, futures and FX markets harnessing the power of company’s state-of-the-art framework of data services and professional desktop technology.

Inforider provides effective and elegant solution for trading, analytics and research with pricing data, global financial news and commentary, extensive set of fundamental data, estimates, corporate actions and events, visual analysis, advanced charting and unique ability to go back in time and instantaneously replay the whole market on tick-level from any given moment powered by Devexperts dxFeed onDemand cloud technology.

Designed to be essentially easy to use, elegant and effective, the platform is modular, providing a number of widgets that could be organized in workspaces, providing efficient multi-monitor display of market information, linked to act together and provide the display set up for the way financial professionals work. Modularity ensures essential future platform evolution and maintainability through seamless addition of new modules over time enhancing already established system installations.

The platform is essentially integrated with Devexperts dxFeed market data service and provides direct connectivity and consolidated and normalized data feed from all U.S. equities, options and futures exchanges, major global index providers and FX. Using dxFeed open APIs for data the platform allows for custom integrations and blending into corporate application landscape: major vendor data feeds or custom-developed integrations can be easily connected to the platform.

InfoRider application will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, integrated with Microsoft Office for live data display and data extraction and analysis.

On the pricing side, there will be a number of bundled offer packages with a fixed-fee model or customers may choose to go for per-user pricing.