MARS Monitoring System Introduced to the Japanese Market

LAC, Japan-based leading international company in the area of network information security systems, has recently purchased a license for the MARS monitoring system developed by Devexperts.

MARS (Monitoring Analysis and Reporting System) software allows real time monitoring (results being instantly refreshed continuously) of various systems and applicable parameters of software and hardware. Unlike many other monitoring systems, MARS monitoring agents are oriented toward tracking the condition of any device and software which works based on a certain protocol or standard, and is not limited to only monitoring systems by certain manufacturers.

This fact became a crucial argument in favor of replacing the monitoring system previously used in one of LAC’s data centers with MARS, which allows the buyer to easily expand without further investments.

It took two weeks to train the Japanese engineers. On May 20th Japanese technicians completed MARS installation by themselves. The actual implementation took two months because of the so-called localization—that is, adjusting the system for working with data in Japanese.

“This project has opened the doors into the Japanese market for us,” noted Mikhail Berman, Devexperts sales director. “Thanks to the trust which has been won by the extensive knowledge of Devexperts’ IT engineers in the Japanese market, we have created a precedent for successful future cooperation. This story is an excellent demonstration of the fact that professionalism and a common goal are capable of overcoming cultural and language barriers.”

Japanese side confirm their fully satisfaction with MARS. “It was our first time to do business with Devexperts. Through the introduction of their product, their on-site support was great. Moreover, the responses to us are always prompt and accurate even after introducing it. About their product, its variety of customizing enabled us to monitor systems in various ways.”: presented Toshihiko Hagiwara, LAC General Sales Manager

Thanks to not only their impressive IT-skill but also their friendly atmosphere, we could succeed with our project,” – comments  Kazuya Tanaka LAC engineering manager, technical manager of MARS installation project.

Parallel testing of MARS and IBM’s Tivoly was successfully completed on May 31th. Presently MARS controls 104 devices in the city of Kitakata (Fukushima prefecture).