DXcharts Gets a Wholesome Update on Accessibility

DXcharts Gets a Wholesome Update on Accessibility

This time, we’re here to tell you we’ve been working on our charts’ accessibility. This update makes DXcharts one of the few charting libraries worldwide that follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. What do we mean by that? Now, you can reach most of the charts’ elements that you interact with directly from your keyboard! This critical improvement allows your clients to operate the charts without using a mouse

Let’s take a look at everything you can access with your keyboard. 

Keyboard-Accessible Actions

This is the list of actions that you can perform by using the keyboard only:

  • Switch between instruments
  • Change aggregation periods
  • Switch between chart types
  • Place orders and update positions
  • Add, edit, and remove studies
  • Change settings
  • Apply drawings and change their settings
  • Save, create, and remove indicator templates
  • Switch between chart layouts
  • Take screenshots 
  • Zoom in/out

On top of that, we gave every element a visible focus border. Take a look at some key combinations for easy navigation on your keyboard

Keyboard Navigation Tips

Here, you’ll find the key combinations you need to navigate the DXcharts interface.

  • Hit TAB to go to the next element
  • Press LShift + TAB to go to the previous element
  • Use Arrow Up / Arrow Down to move up or down, or expand/collapse the menu

Navigating the toolbar has never been easier!
Navigating the toolbar has never been easier!

Additionally, we offer key combinations to interact with any active element on the charts:

  • Use Enter/Space to choose the option
  • Hit Esc to cancel or exit 
  • Press Ctrl + E to edit dxScript
  • Hit Delete to remove periods, indicator templates, layouts, and dxScript studies

Charting library elements are accessible
Interact with all these elements using just your keyboard!
  • Press Ctrl + Z to undo your last move

The undo command cancels the latest change you made to your charts. This may be handy if you accidentally deleted a study or all drawings. 

DXcharts Undo command accessible from menu
It’s okay if you made a mistake! DXcharts now has an Undo command!

Our team updated the DXcharts solution to cover accessibility requirements and allow users to revert the latest changes. This way, our solution can satisfy your and your clients’ every need!

Stay tuned for more updates,
The DXcharts team