DXcharts Integrates with ChatGPT to Provide Users with Essential Term Descriptions

ChatGPT Integrates with DXcharts

DXcharts, the financial charting library developed by Devexperts, has integrated with ChatGPT to provide end users with insights into core charting elements.

DXcharts enables end users to perform comprehensive technical analysis. It offers over 100 indicators, 42 drawings, customizable intervals, 11 chart types, and accessibility compliance. Devexperts also equipped DXcharts with a proprietary programming language that users can leverage to create custom studies without prior programming experience.

To continue servicing users of all levels, Devexperts integrated DXcharts with ChatGPT. Now, users can get information about chart components right inside the chart. They just need to click the ChatGPT icon and choose a term they want to be explained. ChatGPT will provide a comprehensive description of all available chart types, indicators, drawings, market data, and chart patterns. And it’s just the beginning! This use case was just a low-hanging fruit. The product team plans on stepping into a new era of technical analysis powered by AI.

DXcharts is available for a quick setup on news media websites, trading interfaces, and analytical platforms. This tool is essential for Crypto/Web3 fintech companies and brokers. You can learn more about its abilities and perks here.