dxTrade Web and Mobile Interface for MetaTrader 4

If you are looking for a reliable, modern, user-friendly, browser-based platform for the MetaTrader 4 brokerage, take a look at dxTrade.

dxTrade deployment does not require any complex changes in MT4 backend. It is as easy as installing one plugin to MT4 server. And it works as a seamless extension to the MT4 environment. Therefore the time to market is minimal and your clients will start their web trading experience from any computer (including Mac) and any modern browser as soon as possible.

By introducing dxTrade as a web frontend for MT4-based brokerage, no changes in risk management, price discovery, quotes control and other business processes are needed as integration technology supports all MT4 settings. It includes quotes filtration, spread-control and personalized feeds.

Traders can use their favorite MT4 client or its alternative – dxTrade. All account values, i.e. margin, available equity, floating profit/loss, are identical in these platforms. Traders can use the same credentials in MT4 and dxTrade, all trading activity and history is visible in both platforms. Trades placed in dxTrade are immediately reflected in MT4 UI and vice-versa.

From the technical point of view, no synchronization is needed between MT4 and dxTrade, it makes deployment simple and requires minimal foot-print.

Following diagram illustrates the setup.

dxTrade can work without MT4 via its own OMS – dxCore.