GAINSY, a New Forex Broker is Launched on Devexperts Platform dxFX Suite

GAINSY is founded by a group of professional traders, financiers and developers. Their goal is to create an entirely different product for the Forex market, designed to make Forex trading a stable and reliable instrument for making profit for all participants.

Stanislav Stolyar, VP FX Products, Devexperts, explained that in developing dxFX Suite they used experience and knowledge gained over the course of years of developing financial software products for their clients. Some of these clients have been working with Devexperts since the company’s inception. “We have watched their businesses grow rapidly. And so, in the very beginning of dxFX development we have put an ample margin for stability and performance, included enough extra space to install a rocket engine.”

Levy Wong, Business Development Director, GAINSY, explained some of the key features. “GAINSY Trading provides a variety of tools for Forex trading: STP & ECN trading, instant order execution, no slippage, requotes and delays, tight spreads from 0.0 pips and support of all devices (Desktops, Laptops, Nettops, Tablets, Mobile) as well as all operating systems (Windows, Apple, Linux and Android). User interface in trading applications is completely customizable to personal preferences and may be configured according to client needs and habits. We decided to go with Devexperts because they are the undisputed leader in software development for the financial industry.”

Michael Berman, Business Development Director, Devexperts, has also shared his perspective. “Launching every new broker on dxFX Suite platform is always a pleasure and a significant event for the Devexperts team. Each new project validates that Devexperts create versatile and appealing products.”