Invest Inc. Launches First of its Kind Machine-Learning Investment Platform

Invest Inc. Launches First of its Kind Machine-Learning Investment Platform

Los Angeles – Invest Inc., a Fintech-Adtech hybrid based in Salt Lake City, has announced the official launch of, a groundbreaking machine-learning-first investment research platform developed in partnership with Devexperts, a financial software provider. is set to provide personalized, AI-driven market insights and tools to retail investors.

The platform provides a wealth of valuable data, including institutional-quality market insights and tools such as alerts, stock screener, Level 2 data, for making well-informed investment decisions at little to no cost, making it an essential tool for every investor.

The platform – built by Devexperts – is powered by supervised and unsupervised machine-learning algorithms, so the platform learns from user behavior data, content analysis of investment news articles, and external factors such as market trends and economic indicators, to continually serve more personalized content. To do this, the platform uses real-time market data, historical financials, detailed analyst consensus estimates, valuation metrics, S3 short data, SEC filings, and transcripts to power portfolio monitoring, research tools, and trackers.

By using machine-learning and AI, also offers a unique opportunity for advertisers and public companies to reach a more targeted and engaged audience. The self-serve ad portal streamlines campaign management for advertisers seeking to expand their brand awareness and generate high-quality leads.

Invest Inc. is committed to democratizing the world of trading, and to achieve that goal, they have launched an $18 million Regulation A+ (SEC Form 1-A) common share offering, providing investors with a unique opportunity to become part of their innovative, AI-driven platform. In addition, Invest Inc. is launching their inaugural monthly/quarterly trading competition, with substantial six-figure cash prizes for the top performers.

“Invest Inc. takes immense pride in our platform’s powerful and accurate recommendation engine that helps investors make the most informed decisions about their investments. By harnessing Devexperts technology, we can fulfill our mission to level the playing field for all investors through actionable, premium financial market information that is typically only accessible to institutional investors.”

— Marc McNeill, CEO of

“We truly believe that there is no other machine-learning-first-designed investment platform like this. Its sleek design and utility will generate TikTok-level engagement from the investment sector, while also drawing in a highly sought-after user base for advertisers.”

— Michael Babushkin, CEO at Devexperts

About Invest Inc.

Invest Inc. emerged from the collective vision of a group of retail investors who were united in their frustration with the fragmented data landscape and limited access to institutional-grade resources. With a shared mission to democratize the world of trading, they set out to build a platform that would empower retail traders by offering them the same cutting-edge tools and resources enjoyed by major wealth management firms, but at minimal or no cost. This ambitious project aimed to balance the scales ensuring that every investor, regardless of background or experience, could harness the full potential of the market.