New Web Version of DealBook 360 Released

Devexperts, a software development company that specializes in development of highly productive software systems which accomplish the tasks of all-round automation of exchanging, financing activities and brokerage, especially in the options and FOREX markets, has released WEB version of DealBook® 360 trading platform — the DealBook® WEB.

DealBook® 360 has been developed for the Global Forex Trading Company (GFT) which is one of the largest market leaders in the online forex-trading market. Before, the front-end of the platform was released as a full-fledged Windows application, which should have been installed and customized. Today, users are enabled to operate in the FOREX market via any computer with an Internet connection.

DealBook® WEB is based on Google Web Toolkit. With this Google Web Toolkit, the WEB development process has become substantially easier. The possibility to create Java-based dynamic web applications with complex front-end is a significant advantage of the Google Web Toolkit. It is also worth mentioning that Google Web Toolkit based applications can operate in various browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

“We are proud that one of the first Google Web Toolkit based applications has been developed by our company. While other IT-market players were analyzing and testing this Google novelty, we developed and launched a full-fledged product”, says Stanislav Stolyar, a project manager of the Devexperts Company.

DealBook® 360 application functionality enables to perform all main brokerage transactions – issuing orders, quotations and orders monitoring, etc. Flex/Flash technology based module for technical analysis developed by Devexperts is a part of DealBook® WEB application.

In cooperation with the Devexperts company we obtained this efficient application for FOREX market online trading. We hope that DealBook® WEB will help our company to strengthen its leading position in the online forex-trading market”, says Gary L. Tilkin, President/CEO, Global Forex Trading.