nuam Exchange and Devexperts Establish Partnership to Provide a Single Trading Screen and Boost Customer Experience

Devexperts and nuam partnership

Santiago, April 30, 2024–nuam, the entity resulting from the integration of the Lima, Santiago, and Colombia Stock Exchanges, has established a new partnership with Devexperts, a global IT company specialized in financial software development. Together, they aim to craft a unified trading interface for the Equity and Derivatives markets. This interface’s dynamic capabilities will evolve and align with the unique industry demands and regulatory frameworks of Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Through our systems, there will be people conducting transactions from different parts of the world for companies valued in different currencies. Certainly, this has enormous value and potential for investors, but it also poses operational complexities. Through developments like the one we aim to implement with Devexperts, we can overcome this. Therefore, we value their market understanding and their willingness to adapt it to our requirements.

— Juan Pablo Córdoba, CEO at nuam

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that, by integrating Devexperts front-end with Nasdaq’s trading systems, this solution will deliver a streamlined and intuitive interface, enriched with value-added features.

We are proud of participating in the nuam technology integration – one of the global exchange industry’s most forward-thinking projects. This newly established exchange will surely bring great development to Latin America’s capital markets and help millions of people create durable wealth.

Devexperts’ technology will provide order execution and data information and will be the visible interface of the newly merged exchange to facilitate market access for regional and international brokers.

This project signifies our entry to Latin America, and we hope to make a decisive contribution to the success of this initiative and furthermore to the development of the regional financial markets.

— Michael Babushkin, CEO of Devexperts

About nuam exchange:

nuam exchange (Stock Exchanges: NUAM) is the first multi-country integration of stock exchanges, bringing together the Chilean, Colombian, and Peruvian markets, aiming to standardize the conditions and operating rules of the three countries. It adheres to the highest international standards and therefore attracts foreign investment flows with greater strength and confidence to improve the lives of citizens in Chile, Colombia, and Peru. With this integration, the company expects to position itself as a key player in the global market infrastructure industry. For more information about the company: