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QA Consulting

Our engineers will help you build a solution that emphasizes your project’s strengths and eliminates its weaknesses. Whether you plan to build an internal team of QA specialists from scratch or simply want to include best practices in your development cycle, we will help you select tools and plugins as well as come up with methodologies and workflows that will guide the achievement of your goals.
Get ready for an increase of demanding projects with a strong focus on fintech principles and flexible market aspects
Include QA in the fabric of development for timely evaluation with ready-to-go, clear and simple solutions
Address testing speed bottlenecks caused by huge test coverage not supported by an expanding network of automated tests
Calibrate your QA infrastructure principles to be ready for the volatile world of fintech

QA Consulting Process

Our portfolio includes implemented solutions for different financial markets and geographical areas, various regulations, and asset classes.
Many of our projects are owned by reputable FX brokers in both institutional and retail sectors.

Establishing the foundation for advanced QA processes:
  • We analyze your business model, development cycle, and existing processes.
  • We establish a new system or seamlessly expand the existing one while simultaneously managing your expanding needs.
  • We study the circumstances of and expectations for your product to ensure the processes work for you.
Easing workflow burdens with automation:
  • We set up a basis for testing automation to reduce repetitive manual work.
  • We provide you with a set of choices based on your needs for a more objective assessment.
  • We help you design and implement automation technology that works best with your product.
Supporting proper management and control:
  • We equip you with tools for precise management and control of all implemented processes.
  • We propose expert-based strategies for effective operation and teamwork.
  • We focus on review and evaluation combined with innovation to strengthen your product’s market position.

What You Get as a Result

Straightforward and measurable QA processes
More efficient team collaboration with QA specialists
Overall improvement to team management strengthened by industry-ready tools and utilities
Reviewed and enhanced project infrastructure
Perfected solutions for budget planning
Optimized Development cycle
Alternatives to development models that reinforce your product’s design
Automation support based on a proven stack of technologies
Strengthened market positions and extensive control over your product’s results
Applications tested
Satisfied clients
Years of experience


Capital Markets

Our clients

Our portfolio boasts projects for different financial markets and geographical areas, different regulations, and different asset classes. Some of our implemented solutions are owned by reputable FX brokers in both institutional and retail sectors.
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