Devexa Chatbot: Devexa Türkiye, Crypto Watchlists, Speech-to-Text Recognition, Skills Improvement

Devexa AI

In this release, we’ve prepared a new portion of news and changes: Devexa Türkiye, cryptocurrency quotes, on-the-go voice message recognition, and archived/unarchived skills.

How We Teach

As you know, artificial intelligence is able to learn new things on its own. To familiarize you with a real case of how it actually happens with Devexa, we would like to share a short video. 

The video demonstrates the complete process of teaching Devexa a new FAQ skill from the Admin panel. Learning takes time, so we’ve increased the video playback speed.

Teach new skills to Devexa Chatbot

Devexa Türkiye

Devexa Turkey
Devexa Türkiye

With great pleasure, we would like to introduce Devexa Türkiye*, our chatbot version developed and pre-configured specifically for the Turkish market. It is currently available in WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Slack messengers and has the most common stocks and FX instruments on board.

*the bot is available on demand for promotional or marketing purposes in Türkiye

Watchlist for Crypto

First, we would like to highlight the watchlist of most popular crypto instruments available from the chat window.

Crypto Watchlist Devexa
Cryptocurrency Pairs in Chatbot

The list is fully configurable. As an operator, you can add or remove specific instruments in the watchlist through the Admin panel.

Watchlist configuration Devexa
Watchlist configuration in the Admin panel

Speech-to-Text Recognition

Next comes voice recognition. You might have used speech-to-text before, well, it works literally the same way in Devexa: 

  1. You send a voice message to the chat.
  2. Devexa converts your speech into text and then tries to find an associated skill.
  3. And in the end, Devexa sends a response that fits best in the language of the inquiry.
Voice recognition Devexa
Voice recognition in the Admin panel

Assign Skills

The Skills functionality has taken some changes too. 

In the Admin panel, after creating a skill, you can assign it to a certain bot or a group of bots. It is easy to quickly browse through the list of all available skills and link one of them to a bot.

Skills functionality Devexa
Assign a skill to bots

Manage the Recognized Skills

If you go to the Conversations tab, you will see the name of a recognized skill under every message. An operator can decide whether it is Off-topic or click Confirm if the skill has been recognized correctly.

Skills recognition
Skills recognition

Archive/Unarchive Skills

What else can you do with the skills? You can quickly activate or deactivate them with Archive Skill and Unarchive Skill options.
Archive Skill means removing it from the list of available skills.

Archive Skill Devexa
Archive Skill

After you archive the skill, you can find it under a separate tab Devexa AI Skills and put it back on the list by clicking Unarchive Skill.

Unarchive Skill Devexa
Unarchive Skill

You become responsible for what you have taught.

Stay tuned for more updates,

The Devexa team