Devexa Updates: Chatbot Now Recognizes Users’ Points of Interest

Drum roll, please! 🤗

We’re overjoyed to announce an exciting and juicy update to Devexa. Our AI chatbot can now determine the user type and show a concise summary of their risk profile in the Admin panel. Let’s dive in and look at the advantages of this update.

Trader/Investor’s points of interest

Currently, there is an Interests tab available in the Admin panel. The broker’s marketing team can use this tab to see what points of interest the user has based on their queries and conversations with Devexa. For example, you can see a particular financial sector or an instrument name there.

Devexa Updates Chatbot Now Recognizes Users' Points of Interest
Interests of an investor with a medium risk profile

The points of interest also may include a user type, risk level, and additional tags (attributes) characterizing the trading activity of the user. For now, there are two types of users: Trader and Investor, defined by Devexa based on the internal rules.

Devexa also assigns one of the risk levels: extreme, high, medium, or low. It can be complemented with more details such as speculative stock, low-priced security, low liquidity security, and so on.

Additionally, an operator can view the generalized group of traded instruments, their industry or category, and specific symbols.

Devexa Updates Chatbot Now Recognizes Users' Points of Interest High Risk
Interests of a trader with a High Risk profile

To recap: Devexa analyzes the activity of a user or a group of users based on internal rules and determines the type of user and their risk level. She then assigns pre-arranged tags (attributes) and displays the summary under the Interests tab.

How brokers can use it

The list of interests may come in handy for further analysis or understanding of the user’s needs. For example, if Devexa finds out that a user was looking for financial news, you might later provide them with relevant personalized content. The news can be based on the symbols of shares/bonds the user searched for or other information.

At the same time, Devexa organizes dynamic user groups based on common interests, making it possible for your business to send out relevant newsletters or push notifications.

Devexa Updates Chatbot Now Recognizes Users' Points of Interest Scheme
A visual representation of user groups’ preferences

As you can see from the picture, the larger the bubble associated with a ticker, the greater the group’s interest in it. This allows the marketing team to identify priority topics for personalized messages more effectively.

We teach Devexa to analyze more and more users’ activities so that she can soon personalize and target every suggestion.

Some time ago, we published a video where we trained Devexa’s intent recognition skills. Watch the video to see how it works in a real-world scenario!

Stay tuned for more updates,
The Devexa team