DXcharts Updates: Custom Logo, 8-Charts Layout, Magnet Mode, and Many More

DXcharts: Custom Logo, 8-charts layout, Magnet Mode for Multichart, Market State, Google Analytics, Loading State

Today, we’re excited to introduce new changes in DXcharts – our financial charting software. This release has many new features to make your charting experience smoother.

Let’s see what we have in the package this time: a custom logo, magnet mode for multichart layout, 8-charts layout, market state for a selected instrument, loading state, and Google Analytics for the chart library and widget.

Custom logo on charts

We’ve made it simpler to add a logo to your charts. Now, you can place the logo anywhere in the charting area using a custom component through the code. Detailed instructions are available in the API documentation.

Custom logo added to the left corner of charts
Custom logo added to the left corner of charts

New 8-charts layout

We’ve added an additional layout to the multichart menu. Now, the working area can hold up to 8 different charts without affecting the overall performance and stability.

This new layout helps you make quick decisions when monitoring multiple assets with different aggregation periods, or following complex trading strategies.

8-charts layout
8-charts layout

Magnet mode for Multichart

Magnet mode is a feature that allows you to snap to chart elements while using drawings. Previously, it was only available for a single chart, but now it also works on a multichart layout. This enhancement lets you draw and snap to elements on multiple charts simultaneously, which is particularly useful for charts with different aggregation periods. 

Activate this feature by clicking the magnet icon on the drawings panel.

Magnet mode

Market state

We’ve also added the ability to view the current market state (open/closed), exchange working hours, and the time until the exchange opens for the selected instrument. Hover over the icon on the Toolbar to see detailed information about the exchange hours for the current instrument.

Trading hours for the instrument
Trading hours for the instrument

Google Analytics

You can now integrate Google Analytics with your charting library and widget if you wish. This integration allows you to track user interactions and other analytics data for your purposes.

Google Analytics in DXcharts
Google Analytics in DXcharts

Loading state

The chart now has a loading state. We’ve added a loader/load state to the widget and charting library that displays a flickering effect as trade data is being accumulated and loaded.

Loading the trade data

We believe these enhancements will help you add more flexibility to your project and provide your users with a customizable charting tool for a data-rich charting experience.

Stay tuned for future updates,
The DXcharts team