Asset Management Firm Solves Docflow Bottleneck with Report Automation
Case study

Asset Management Firm Solves Docflow Bottleneck with Report Automation

About the Client

The Client is a US asset management firm that specializes in derivatives and provides proprietary trading technologies to institutional portfolio managers. They offer a variety of services: options strategies, custom portfolios, and replication of structured notes. The Client improves existing portfolios with thoroughly selected options strategies that increase return and minimize possible risks.


In asset management, paper flow is essential for accuracy and transparency. The Client’s employees—advisors—need to create various reports and invoices in a standard form across all custodians. They used to prepare all account-level performance reports manually.

As the number of partner advisors, accounts, and custodians increased, the paper flow became even more time-consuming. In addition, an existing process had bottlenecks in interpreting the documents due to a lack of tools that quickly compile data and present them in a clear unified form. Thus, the Client’s operations team required a solution to easily build performance reports and invoices.


The Client came in contact with Devexperts while looking for a developer with a background in fintech and data management. Devexperts introduced a tool for collecting and processing the raw data prepared by the Client’s existing tools. Based on that data, new highly accurate reports were able to be built in PDF and HTML formats.

New reports are generated by leading frontend technologies. These technologies make it possible to parse reports and reuse the obtained data in interactive widgets for future tool’s extensions. An example of such extensions is a web portal that combines reporting with a client proposal, operations, and risk-management subsystem.


Devexperts provided the Client with the tool that automatically builds reports and invoices in a standard easy-to-interpret form across all custodians. Such process automation helped the Client to:

  • Get rid of bottlenecks in data compilation.
  • Avoid human errors in documents.
  • Increase the speed of building performance reports and invoices.

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