Mobile Terminal for a Forex and CFD Broker
Case study

Mobile Terminal for a Forex and CFD Broker

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About the Client

The Client is the leading forex and CFD broker, offering its services since the early 2000s. Their clients can get live support in 15+ languages around the globe, and work in a secure environment with advanced encryption. It is compliant with all the regulations in the EU, Japan, Australia, South Africa.

Devexperts gave us control over our mobile trading platform and now we can shape it according to our demands in this fastpaced frequently changing environment.

said the Client

Business Challenge

A trading platform is where an active client spends most of their time, and the trading platform frontend shapes the perception of the broker. Vendors who sell off-the-shelf platforms are never eager to change much in their well-thought-through and time-tested interfaces. Such closed systems undermine the brokers’ ability to differentiate and appeal to clients through the design and other interactive widgets, as well as tracking the user activity and providing them with corresponding feedback. This, in turn, leaves behind the ability to reach clients and boost volumes.

The Client has their own vision of an optimal user experience in a mobile application. That includes not only the simplification of the interface, but also integrated marketing tools. These tools should guide the potential client through the sales funnel, help them to set up accounts and start trading smoothly (without multiple distractions and switching between accounts).

According to the internal analysis, the majority of existing clients use only a mobile interface to monitor the markets and issue trades. Realizing the sales potential of a mobile trading platform, the Client undertook the project to deliver a bespoke mobile frontend to the existing off-the-shelf terminal, to strengthen their competitive position and boost traders’ engagement. As there were not any out-of-the-box solutions available to meet the Client’s challenges, the broker approached Devexperts.


The more mature a broker is, the more systems are in place. In consequence, a more complex infrastructure is a factor that influences and defines the architecture of the solution. Devexperts conducted over 10 integrations for this project. Trading gateway, CRM, 3rd party tools for clients’ activity analysis and metrics collection, push notifications – these are just a few areas and marketing tools that had to be integrated together so the new frontend would be considered as a valuable proposition for both the broker and their clients.

Devexperts used its existing solution, the dxTrade Mobile platform for iOS and Android, as a starting point for developing a custom frontend to meet the Client’s needs. The independent and proven components of dxTrade Mobile allowed further tailoring and integration to the Client’s business environment and a faster software release. Devexperts readjusted business-specific application logic, developed a trading adapter to implement integration with the middleware of other technology providers, and completely redesigned the user interface according to the requirements provided by the Client. The Client reconsidered not only standard functions of a trading application (charting, watchlist, order entry, symbol search, trade history), but also introduced a number of new features such as market sentiments and trends.

As technical excellence of a trading platform is the reason for clients to stay with their broker, Devexperts continued to perform technical support and further updates in a business as usual mode after the launch.


The result is a new mobile trading platform (Android and iOS) for the full set of OTC asset classes: Forex, CFDs on Equities, Futures, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

  • The trading platform release happened in 3 months since the start on March 1, 2017.
  • The Controllable Launch to selected target client groups was put into action on November 1, 2017.
  • At the same time, there were released versions for local markets in China, Japan and Israel, but under different names. These versions are also supported and being upgraded.
  • The new mobile platform made it easier to attract customers with very little or zero trading experience.