Trading Platform for a European Startup Broker
Case study

Trading Platform for a European Startup Broker

About the Client

The client is a European startup broker looking to offer US market access for their customers.

The firm’s executive team has over a century of cumulative experience in financial services, including investment management and trading.

Business Challenge

To achieve their objective, the firm needed a trading platform that supported US Stocks and ETFs inclusive of web and mobile trading, along with an Order Management System (OMS), and an Operations/Risk Management portal. A solution that met the following criteria was required:

  • Out-of-the-box: An off-the-shelf product, requiring minimal development effort to launch.
  • White-labeled: Branded with the client’s logo and color palette, and capable of seamless integration with the client’s existing infrastructure to enhance its appeal to retail traders.
  • Mobile-friendly: Native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • User-friendly: Cater to users of all levels, offering a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and advanced investors.
  • Integration with third-party providers: Ready-made integrations with market data and news providers were a prerequisite. The solution required an API kit to facilitate easy integration with third-party services.

After thorough research, the client identified DXtrade XT, developed by Devexperts, as the ideal solution.


DXtrade XT is a versatile trading platform for brokers supporting exchange-traded securities and derivatives. With customizable workflows, a fractional order management system, web-based trading portal, native mobile applications, and a suite of broker management tools, DXtrade XT simplifies the end-to-end trading experience.

Implementing DXtrade XT was a straightforward process. The client opted for a cloud-based software-as-a-service model that enables rapid deployment of the platform. Devexperts’ one-click deployment approach eliminated the need for a solution architect and saved the client valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on certification and onboarding.

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of broker management tools, the client could configure the platform autonomously to suit their asset classes and operations.


By deploying DXtrade XT, the client is now extending its trading services to the US markets and improving the investment landscape for European-based individuals.

We know that every brokerage company has its own requirements and workflows. That’s why our platform offers extensive customization options that allow brokers to tailor the platform to their specific asset classes, trading strategies, and operational processes. Implementing our platform is a straightforward process thanks to our software-as-a-service approach. With one-click deployment, the broker can set up the platform quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources. Overall, by choosing our platform, global brokers can enter the US market with a reliable, customizable, and cost-effective solution that enables them to offer cutting-edge trading services to their clients.

Michael Sprachman, Director, Product Management

Devexperts successfully delivered the solution on time and within budget, enabling the client to launch investment opportunities in the US markets as originally planned.

Within a few weeks, the client received a comprehensive, customizable, and expandable trading platform that fully met the project’s specifications. Since its launch, the platform has seen consistent growth in both user activity and monthly trading volumes.

Thanks to the Devexperts, who have recognized the importance of cost efficiency in today’s competitive market environment. This platform offers cost-efficient pricing models that allow us to maximize our return on investment while providing competitive trading services to their clients. In addition, Devexperts provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the platform remains optimized, secure, and up to date, allowing us to focus on our core business objectives.

Project Manager, The client

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