Trading Platform for Multi-Asset European Broker
Case study

Trading Platform for Multi-Asset European Broker

About the Client

The client is a major European brokerage established in the late 90s. It has headquarters and several branches all across Europe. The brokerage provides services to retail and institutional clients worldwide, offering equities, options, forex, and futures.

The client has also developed an in-house trading platform to facilitate the needs of its massive customer base of professional traders and investors.

Business Challenge

The client’s goal was to enable retail investors with European residency to invest in the US markets without commission. 

To achieve this, the client needed a solution that matched the following parameters:

  1. Off-the-shelf. The solution had to be a finished product ready for deployment without extensive development.
  2. Cost-efficient. Keeping costs low was crucial to making commission-free trading feasible for users.
  3. Modern and white-labeled. The solution had to be web-based, modern, and visually appealing for retail traders. It also needed to provide seamless integration with the client’s existing infrastructure.
  4. Mobile-friendly. The solution should include native mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  5. Flexible. The platform needed to cater to both beginners and advanced investors with its user-friendly interface.
  6. Integrated with data providers. Out-of-the-box integrations with market data and news providers were necessary.
  7. Ready for third-party integrations. The solution required an API kit for easy integrations with third parties.
  8. Supported 24/7. The client required continuous solution maintenance and support.

After extensive research, the client found the perfect fit in DXtrade XT developed by Devexperts.


DXtrade XT is a multi-asset trading platform for brokers that offer exchange-traded securities and derivatives. The platform provides customizable workflows within a fractional order management system, a web-based trading portal, native mobile applications, and a suite of brokerage management tools.

Trading Platform for Multi-Asset European Broker
Fig. 1. DXtrade XT architecture

The setup process of DXtrade XT is straightforward. The customer leveraged a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service approach that streamlined the platform deployment. The SaaS approach with one-click deployment eliminated the need for a solution architect. This helped the client save valuable time and resources and focus on certification and onboarding.

The suite of broker management tools empowered the client to independently configure the platform based on the brokerage’s asset classes and workflows.

With DXtrade XT, the client now offers commission-free trading in the US markets, effectively turning this visionary project into reality and significantly impacting the investment landscape for European residents.

Trading Platform for Multi-Asset European Broker
Fig.2 DXtrade XT frontend

“This project was delivered as a SaaS solution, which means a minimum time expenditure on implementation and platform configuration. The certification with the client’s executing counterparty, a necessary component of the platform setup, was the longest part of the implementation process, but it’s not unusual. As the client’s business grows, DXtrade XT will adapt and scale accordingly.”

Michael Sprachman, Director, Product Management


Devexperts delivered the solution on time and within the budget, so the client was able to add commission-free investment in the US markets according to the initial plan.

Within a few weeks, the client received a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable trading platform that ticked all the boxes of the project’s requirements. The client’s user base and trading volumes have grown each month since the platform has gone live.

“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the outstanding work your team has done when creating our new web trading platform along with the native iOS and Android applications. Within just a few weeks of its implementation, we have been impressed with the results and professionalism demonstrated throughout the entire project.”

— Project Manager, the client.

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