Devexperts Launches Gate45 Connector for Retail Brokers

Devexperts Gate45 for MT4 Brokers

With Gate45 brokers can seamlessly connect their ecosystem with their multiple trading servers, allowing for the aggregation of real-time data trading data to be collected via a single API request.

Devexperts offers Gate45 as a middleware that enables an easy integration of the broker’s ecosystem with different popular trading platforms.

Devexperts Gate45 for mt4 broker
Gate45 integration scheme

In addition to being a single point of connection for all of a broker’s trading servers, Gate45 operates as a stand-alone component that can be used to interconnect custom trading and broker-developed add-ons with popular off-the-shelf platforms.

Among its many benefits are an easy integration, no requirements for additional plugins, resulting in zero footprint on the broker’s infrastructure, and a single API for multiple server connections. Gate45 extracts quotes, charting information, balance, account data, position metrics, and trading history, and in turn sends commands to the trading platform. This feature allows for interconnecting Gate45 with a wide array of broker components such as CRMs, back-office software, client portals, management information systems, risk management tools, compliance software, IB commissions engines, and much more.

Solution examples

  • Access to account history and balance
  • Aggregate reporting
  • Schedule trade reviews
  • Protect from arbitrageurs
  • Integrate with customer applications

Check out the UI on Devexperts’ Behance. For more information on Gate45 please contact us.