Devexperts Webinar: How to Start Your Own FX Brokerage

How to Start Your Forex Brokerage - Webinar by Devexperts

On the 8th of December (Thursday), all those interested in starting their own Forex/CFD or crypto brokerage will have the chance to meet industry veterans and learn all about their experience during the “How to start your own FX brokerage” webinar.

Aeby Samuel, the founder and CEO at FYNXT,  Chris Rowe, director at Financial Technology Consultancy Services Ltd, and our Vice President of Trading Solutions (FX and Crypto) Jon Light will discuss with attendees the ins and outs of success. 

Jon Light has been working in the Forex and OTC space for 15 years. He will explain how FX technology works through the whole trade life cycle, from market data, trade execution, STP, and post trade services that adhere to the latest regulations and controls.

Chris Rowe set up Financial Technology Consultancy Services in 2020, which has now become an advisory service to brokers and financial institutions to help them find the correct technology and solutions for their businesses.

Aeby Samuel has been at the forefront of institutional digital transformation for nearly 20 years. He is the one behind FYNXT’s continuous refinement of product and service offerings toward enhancing revenue, margins, and enterprise value.

The speakers will cover everything, from obtaining a license to understanding trading platform technology. The attendees will learn how to apply for a license, what technology is necessary to set up a platform, what a good platform should include, and how to connect with liquidity providers and payment processors. 

The webinar is suitable for all interested parties, from startups to established businesses. You’re welcome to join if you want to create a brokerage from scratch, need to find a solution provider, want to improve your platform and product offering, or just want to learn more about the topic.  

You can sign up for the upcoming webinar here.