DXtrade Is a Red Dot 2022 Winner 

DXtrade Mobile was created for those who are constantly on the move. With our beautiful trading platform they can invest and trade fiat and cryptocurrency pairs and derivatives from any location!

Our goal was to make a beautiful and functional app. DXtrade has a fresh, yet intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI, which offers compact view options. It also supports gesture navigation. 

Our focus on financial software development allows us to know all the nuances in design and coding. For example in Forex, the fourth and fifth decimal numbers are important, so we opted to make them bigger. That way, traders can get the information they need with just a glance. 

At this year’s edition of one of the world’s biggest design competitions, Red Dot Design Awards, we got a prize in the “Apps” category. This honour is awarded only to the projects with the finest design quality and most remarkable creative achievement. The Red Dot Design awards receive roughly 20,000 entries every year.

The awards in this year’s competition show just what good communication design can achieve. It helps us recognize complex problems and create solutions for them. Communication design can also present multi-layered information in an easy-to-understand and accessible way. The range of channels, media, and materials used for this purpose is unusually large. You [Devexperts] have emerged as a winner with your design in a large field of international participants. Congratulations on this special achievement!,

announced Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot.

The independent experts panel for the 2022 event comprised 24 jury members from 12 countries.