Disaster Recovery Solution for a Multi-Asset Brokerage
Case study

Disaster Recovery Solution for a Multi-Asset Brokerage

About the Client

The client is a Middle-Eastern social trading and multi-asset brokerage company operating worldwide. It provides financial services and copy trading with a broad asset offering, including FX, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

Business Challenge

The client provides services through its proprietary trading platform, which is sometimes unavailable due to maintenance. During downtimes, the client offers traders workaround software as part of a disaster recovery strategy.

However, this workaround software faces performance limitations, so the client needs an upgraded and scalable solution. The new solution needed to meet the following requirements:

  1. Act as a fallback trading app for end-users when the trading platform is down
  2. Offer a straightforward and seamless way to submit requests to cancel orders and close positions
  3. Help the client’s authorized personnel to process the above-mentioned end-user requests
  4. Sustain a high load reliably for several hours


The client approached Devexperts with a request to solve the business issue described above. We provided them with an outline of the scope of work and solution architecture. As a result, we landed the project.

In the course of development, we delivered the following:

  1. Front-office web trading app
  2. Server-side software integrated with the client’s database
  3. Back-office web app for the client’s dealing desk employees

We developed the front-office web trading app with a responsive layout. That way, it works smoothly on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. Following the client’s request, the app can work from an iframe. This allows the client to display it inside another web app or website.

To access accounts, the client’s end-users can use their existing credentials. We achieved this through the integration with the client’s authentication system. They can use the front-office web trading app to close positions and cancel orders.

We connected the front end to the back end via the REST API.

A back-office web app allows the client’s dealing desk employees to see and process end-users’ requests to close positions and cancel orders.

System architecture
System architecture

Security Measures


The front-office application and its server-side software can be elastically scaled. They can also sustain a load of 500,000 concurrent users for at least four hours. To confirm this number, we conducted load testing before the deployment.


To ensure high availability, scalability, and health check monitoring, we employed the Azure Kubernetes cluster.

Confidentiality and Integrity

All client-server communications and data integrity are encrypted according to industry standards and best practices.


We delivered a disaster recovery solution for the client, so their end-users and dealing desk employees have a workaround when the main trading platform is under maintenance. The fallback solution provides the client’s end-users with a straightforward and seamless way to submit requests to cancel orders and close positions. Meanwhile, the client’s authorized personnel get to process the end-user requests using their back-office web app.

The delivered solution can reliably sustain a high load for several hours, which we were able to confirm through load testing performed before the roll-out.

The client received the source code of the entire solution.

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