FIX and FAST Gateways for an Exchange to Attract Institutional Investors
Case study

FIX and FAST Gateways for an Exchange to Attract Institutional Investors

About the Client

The Client is an exchange established in 2000 in Eastern Europe. It offers trading in equities, bonds, derivatives, Forex, money markets, and precious metals. It is also one of the largest clearing service providers.


The Client’s exchange used to operate on its proprietary trading protocol.

However, in 2008, the Client decided to attract the capital of international investors and broaden the provision of trading activity to the global stage, so they required an industry-standard FIX and FAST gateway system. The Client lacked the required experience to develop industry-standard gateways, so they decided to find a software vendor for custom development.

The Client also required further maintenance and enhancement of gateways.


The Client chose Devexperts because they had previous experience in deploying FIX and FAST gateways for international clients. Devexperts was also ready to provide further scaling and maintenance of the system according to the Client’s demands.

Thus, Devexperts developed and deployed industry-standard FIX and FAST gateways, providing them with:

  • Scalability for the Client’s future business growth
  • Low latency and high throughput.

The resulting time required to process a single order with a load of 1000 orders per second was:

  • Minimum time: 42 microseconds
  • Average time: 99 microseconds
  • Maximum time: 157 microseconds

From 2008 till 2012, Devexperts also provided the Client with maintenance and enhancement of gateways for:

  • The derivatives market
  • Delivery of stock market quotes.


Devexperts implemented industry-standard FIX and FAST gateways, so the Client was able to start providing trading activities on the global stage and working with international investors. Devexperts also performed maintenance and enhancement of gateways for the smooth business operation.

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