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Order Managment System - dxCore

dxCore provides executing brokers and sell-sides with comprehensive functionality for both manual and automated order processing, accurate monitoring over each stage of order routing, and detailed reporting on order execution.

A comprehensive set of OMS tools

dxCore equips your people with an extensive set of professional tools that allows for in-depth monitoring and instant adjustments at any stage of order processing, and supports a wide range of algorithmic order types providing your order managers with efficient executing strategies.  Built-in reporting engine provides report formats for different departments of your company and state assessing organizations, as well as multiple client statements.

Cost-effective links to major liquidity providers

dxCore benefits from integration with the most efficient liquidity providers, and can be configured to work with any number of executing brokers, clearing firms and financial institutions via FIX protocol for cost-effective, direct access to any number of local and global organizations.

Safe and reliable operation

The years of successful operation and online stress tests proved 99, 99% overload resistance and crash tolerance of our technologies that stand behind dxCore.

Flexible permissions

dxCore supports various permissions for different groups of users, and enables to specify access rules to application features on per-user basis providing flexible control over users’ activities.

Live news and market data

The system receives real-time quotes and news from the most popular and reliable market data vendors and news agencies; and fix protocol connectivity allows for cost-effective and full access to all kinds of information.

High performance of order execution

The system provides both manual and automated processing of orders and stores full data on every transaction enabling detailed logging for audit investigation purposes and trade disputes with customers.

Order life cycle management

The system ensures on-the-spot life cycle monitoring over the whole order life cycle– from registration of an order in the system up to its execution or cancellation.

Trading blotter

This functionality allows order managers to handle orders entering the system. It enables to easily view orders, as well as to filter and group orders according to multiple parameters specified by users. Every order submitted to dxCore can be sliced into any portions and routed to the full set of exchanges and executing brokers. Flexible system interface provides a wide choice of customization options to ensure the most effective order management practices.

Order entry

Flexible and powerful Order Entry interface is provided with the system to ensure full control over an order. The system supports regular order types such as Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit as well as wide variety of algorithmic, contingent and risk based strategy orders. It allows for placing orders, as well as for order customization, allocation, time-in-force settings, contingencies, preorder analysis, and offsets. The Order Entry interface can accommodate spreads, leg pricing, and specify order types.  Prices for Stop and Limit orders can be entered manually or based on live quotes. The Order Entry enables to define a set of available order types, instruments, exchanges and other parameters on per-user or per-account basis.

FIX connectivity

A standards-based FIX API provides direct access to the major executing brokers, exchanges and sell-sides and enables users to easily enter orders and monitor their portfolios. The orders received over FIX are entered into user accounts and executed along the same rules as those submitted from the application. In addition to the standard execution functionality the API provides access to market data, live positions, and account equity.

Routing rules

The routing choices and order entry parameters available to each user are defined by a set of routing rules configured from within the application. The rules constrain the options supported or entitled by brokers and exchanges, define the default values for various choices, and enable dynamic routing based on all kinds of order parameters. Each routing rule can be set for a particular user, a company or an account, as well as for different order parameters.

Algorithmic order types

dxCore supports a wide choice of algorithmic order typed and provides a large variety of order handling scenarios, ranging from monitoring and troubleshooting of electronic orders to fully manual order execution. Any execution or a set of executions even coming from different orders can be merged or split into any number of portions and distributed between different accounts. Order managers can manually enter the quantities for target accounts or use predefined algorithms such as proportion to the money available or specifying a target delta. The same algorithms can be used to calculate the quantity needed before sending the order. The system provides real-time view of market situation and enables users to instantly make changes to order handling scenarios at any stage of order execution.


Powerful reporting engine is integrated into the system to provide a wide range of predefined report formats that match the requirements of most popular clearing firms, banks, exchanges and other organizations required for your business practices. For those missing there is a custom report builder that allows users to define their own formats. Users can customize the system to build and send reports according to a predefined time schedule in completely automatic mode. The reports can include different parameters of user orders, positions, transactions and accounts.


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