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dxTradePro is a platform for active traders. It is a brand-new multi-asset client trading platform for the desktop environments. It runs on Mac, Windows, anywhere. It was built from the ground-up with scalability and flexibility in mind. Sophisticated professional traders use multi-screen configurations with trading, analytics, charting, news, algo applications from different vendors and brokers running in parallel. Combine all this power under your brand, customize the way you want it and let them trade with dxTradePro.

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  • Flexibility
    • Highly-customizable layout engine
    • Multi-monitor configurations
    • High-performance UI
    • WL-friendly
    • Multi-language support
  • Trading and charting
    • Multi-asset platform
    • Complex order types
    • Net and ticket-based views
    • Comprehensive charting package
  • Algo-trading
    • Integrated development environment (IDE)
    • Groovy (Java) scripting language
    • Easy-to-use API for developers familiar with popular scripting toolkits

tradable is the first — and to date, the only — open trading platform for the Forex market. Its functions and features are not limited by the original developer’s vision, or the initial specs of the brokerage firm, but instead can be expanded and modified quickly by the selection of third party software, and ultimately, by the end users themselves.

tradable comes equipped with functions that allow one to perform all of the common tasks associated with Forex trading. Additional components for the platform are available as applications that users may select from at the Tradable app store and install themselves.

tradable is based on the same technology as dxTradePro and created to freely realize community vision for powerful new software products that is certain to foster an entire new cottage industry of development in the financial software arena — even giving it a modern social context.


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