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We’ve been mastering the Shift-Left paradigm so our testers can push every project faster into successful production. We emphasize testing automation and are ready to share our principles. The results you receive will boost your development speed and efficiency, maximizing your programmers’ productivity.
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What is Shift-Left Testing?

Creating complex trading solutions can be demanding. And it is not just about using the right stack of technologies or having an effective professional team. Establishing a stable production pipeline helps ensure the best return on your assets. Once you implement Agile and prepare your first iteration of the automation process, some of these issues may start to sound familiar:

  • The testing environment experiences balancing problems due to the test load
  • The overnight test run returns more than a hundred false positives that you still need to go through to be safe 
  • The testing aftermath leaves your team with so much data, it is not helpful at scaling your application problems
What is Shift-Left Testing?

How We Deliver


Applying Early Thinking

Shift-Left centers around the notion that testing should begin as early in development as possible. However, it is not only about inviting testers to review designs and requirements. We propose including test automation and then shaping it in a forward-thinking way. This will help:

  • Predict shortages in hardware resources
  • Counter false positives in tests by adjusting test design
  • Improve test infrastructure to exclude internet connectivity problems, non-predicted software updates issues, etc.

Making the Most of Your Hardware

You need results in a day and have no time to wait for hundreds and hundreds of tests to be processed by a single host. Our practices will help you utilize the full potential of your environment. With our support you may expect to:

  • Apply multi-thread testing automation for quick results from a single host
  • Optimize test runs for maximum coverage and simultaneous execution

Analyzing Results

Our experts will help you sort test results by applying correct metrics that only show actual optimization challenges, such as:

  • Test execution time
  • Performance bottlenecks
  • Defect clusters
  • Insufficient test coverage
  • Error discovery rate
  • Defect aging


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Our portfolio boasts projects for different financial markets and geographical areas, different regulations, and different asset classes. Some of our implemented solutions are owned by reputable FX brokers in both institutional and retail sectors.
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