Forex, CFDs & Spread Betting Platform

Forex, CFDs & Spread Betting Platform

Supported asset classes: margin FX, spread bets, CFDs, FX options

We offer Forex brokerage solutions based on the following components:

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About DXtrade Enterprise platform

Custom trading platforms can improve conversions with an embedded and a well-thought-out onboarding process.

The same applies to the user’s activation and sales because the custom trading terminal can have widgets for depositing funds and make the process of topping up an account smoother.

The DXtrade Enterprise platform contains advanced dealing and risk management settings (A/B/C books, various hedging, and slippage control settings, etc.), designed to increase the revenue from the trading flow. These settings can be modified to fit each broker’s requirements.

Best Forex Platform
Best Forex Platform

The deep integration of the trading platform into a back-office, a CRM, a client cabinet and other custom systems improve the user’s experience and makes traders stick to that particular environment, which improves retention.

Types of customers we serve

  • Retail FX brokers
  • CFD brokers
  • Spread betting brokers
  • Institutional brokers
  • Liquidity providers
  • Prime of primes

Types of delivery

  • White label
  • Custom dev
  • Component based
  • Source code

Issues we solve

Devexperts differentiates itself from the competition by offering a tailored trading solution, based on the dxTrade Enterprise platform.

Implement unique widgets, order types, design, features, etc.
Launch a trading platform for a new brokerage
Integrate with liquidity providers, AML/KYC, CRM, back office, regulatory reporting, etc.
Build mobile or web front-ends for custom or off-the-shelf third-party OMS
Get market data for FX and CFDs on Equities, Futures, Indices and Digital Assets / Cryptocurrency
Enhance your FX brokerage valuation
Improve user experience
Improve on-boarding
Replace legacy trading platforms

Our clients

In our list of case studies, there are projects for different financial markets, geographical areas, regulations and asset classes.
Some of our implementations are owned by reputable institutional and retail brokers.
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Deployed on-premise, in the public/private cloud, or Devexperts’ infrastructure

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