Devexperts offers turn-key custom solutions for wealth management. All developed tools are white-labelled for every advisor.

Components of our turn-key custom asset management platform are:

  • An advisor portal (for RIAs)
  • An investor portal (for end-users)

Available charting options:

  • Performance chart – the main chart
  • Comparison charts – to compare and contrast several strategies based on a benchmark

Our wealth management tools include the following features:

  • Formulating securities portfolio strategy (calculating percentage for every type of assets)
  • Portfolio rebalancing, metrics evaluation, screening tool for comparison of portfolios within the current market situation, creating comparison charts, and a draw-down
  • Reporting (online performance reporting, not limited to once in a quarter) and printing
  • Portfolio graph creation in PDF
  • Connection to all 3rd party venues for all types of securities
  • Fee management for all 3rd party services: a platform, advisor, custodian, broker-dealer. It considers all chain members and accounted funds.
  • Digital signing – integration with DocuSign
  • Fund Accounting & Record keeping
  • Goal analysis for achieving material goals, Monte Carlo analysis for evaluation of success probability; budget planning tools based on specific client situations, merging of planning and analysis.
  • Robo-advising – a tool to propose strategies under customer’s profile and their execution
  • KYC processes