QA Department Setup for a Fintech Company
Case study

QA Department Setup for a Fintech Company

About the Client

The client is a fintech company based in the EU. They provide risk management solutions employed to offset losses in investments through certain strategies. The client’s business is regulated by MiFID and the FCA, and they work solely with regulated instruments such as FX options, forwards, and spot.

Business Challenge

The client was working to expand its offering with a new financial software solution. Their main pain point was that they lacked a dedicated quality assurance department. As a short-term fix, the client’s analytical team had been doing all the testing, but it was insufficient. They finally decided they wanted to step up their processes by introducing a full-scale in-house QA department. 


The client approached Devexperts to help them test their new financial software solution to release it as an MVP. They also wanted to build a dedicated QA department from the ground up because they were short on in-house testing expertise and related processes.

To bring the new client’s software solution into production, we needed to provide quality assurance services. This required us to radically increase test coverage from 300 to 1400 test cases. 

Over the course of our work, we identified over 250 defects. We also formed test suites for regression and sanity testing. To establish QA processes for the client, we introduced Jira’s XRay plugin. This is a test management tool that provides the necessary structure to organize, plan, and accurately report on the progress of testing, as well as deployability.

Meanwhile, the client hired a QA team who we shared our best practices and expertise with. We also consulted the client on how to make its testing processes more efficient and effective. This included:

  1. Testing scenarios related to external factors with a simple stub simulation, which would mimic the functionality of the external service based on its API spec
  2. Testing the backend and API
  3. Test automation
  4. Introducing documentation that covers the most important points: a general outline of the functionality, expected usage scenarios, user flows, and any specific instructions like calculation formulas or specific values
  5. Platform performance testing
  6. Release notes testing and introducing story ticket descriptions
Testing flow
Software Testing Flow


Devexperts helped the client bring its new financial software solution into production by radically increasing test coverage from 300 to 1400 test cases and forming test suites for regression and sanity testing.

In order for the client to establish a dedicated QA department, we shared our expertise with their newly hired QA team and introduced Jira’s XRay plugin. We also consulted the client on how to improve its testing processes in terms of quality and efficiency.

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