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Barron’s Awards 2006

Chicago, IL – March 9, 2006 – thinkorswim, an industry-leading online brokerage and financial technology pioneer, received Barron's top rating of 4 ? stars out of 5 in their Annual Survey of Best Online Brokers. thinkorswim’s platform surpassed its peer group as Barron’s choice for options traders ahead of OptionsXpress and was the only firm to ever finish #1 and #2 in software and web-based ratings. Additionally, thinkorswim outranked web browser providers including Ameritrade Apex, Fidelity Investments, E*Trade Serious Investor, TD Waterhouse Trade Central, Scottrade, and Schwab.

thinkorswim also received 4.5 stars and tied with MB Trading to garner the highest ranking among software-based brokers aimed at active traders. thinkorswim’s platform outranked its primary competitors including Interactive Brokers, TradeStation, Terra Nova, Rush Trade, Fidelity Active Trader, CyberTrader and many others. Barron’s highlighted thinkorswim’s excellence in routing orders, ability to show the risks and potential rewards of a particular trade, innovations and “sheer intellectual achievement.”

“We are thrilled to have received one of Barron’s highest rankings ever, highlighting our software capabilities and offering further recognition for many hours of late night emails and endless beta testing,” said Tom Sosnoff, CEO of thinkorswim. “It’s fun to build cool stuff and we remain loyal to our customers for supporting our continued effort to innovate, evolve and educate.”

One of the largest providers of option order flow to U.S. Exchanges, thinkorswim received 4 1/2 stars, the highest rating, from Barron’s in 2005 and was rated #1 for software execution. The firm has appeared in Barron’s survey for the past 3 years.

thinkorswim, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, Ill., with offices in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. and Ardmore, Penn., is a leading online brokerage company specializing in options that also offers customers a broad range of products including equities, futures, mutual funds, and bonds. The company supports retail and institutional traders through its own trading platforms and is widely recognized as the premier option software for execution, professional analytics and real-time position management. thinkorswim has revolutionized the option industry by teaching and executing complex, non-directional option strategies with single-click functionality that has now become the industry standard. thinkorswim continues to evolve the financial marketplaces by delivering products that benefit the customer whether they are hedging, speculating or enhancing returns.

For 85 years, Barron's magazine has been the leading market analyses source, to which America's business and financial leaders turn to for an expert opinion on market and companies researches, industrial and economical sectors reviews, including the United States financial markets. Barron's serves the most powerful world business leaders, helping them make wise and profitable decisions. Barron's offers comprehensive statistics on trading and financial activities for the preceding week, market forecasts feature stories and analytical columns.
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