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dxCharts is a powerful financial HTML5 charting software that allows for accurate technical analysis and displays live market data on currencies, options, equities and futures in a web-browser. Devexperts charting software is an out-of-the-box solution that can be  embedded into your website providing customers with historical, delayed or live analytical information.
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Financial HTML5 Charting - dxCharts

Financial HTML5 Charting - dxCharts

Financial HTML5 Charting - dxCharts

Financial HTML5 Charting - dxCharts

Financial HTML5 Charting - dxCharts

Live and historical data

Devexperts charting software displays live data in a financial charting form so that users can view quotes and analyze the trend in real time. The application also can support the full history of market data. Users can run various technical analysis charting tools (coming soon) and indicators to analyze the trend within a certain time frame and use the historical data to test their trading strategies (coming soon).

An effective web-service to attract your clients

Devexperts charting software is an effective and useful service for any financial and analytical website. When Devexperts charting is installed on a website, site visitors can get free or paid access to delayed or live financial data and technical analysis charts. The access to all system tools can be allowed for authorized users only.  As a web-based financial solution, Devexperts charting is a must-have service for a trader’s daily practices and will no doubt bring new customers to your website.

Market data provided directly from the source

Devexperts offers direct access to the leading market data venues (OPRA, ISE, NYSE, NYSE AMEX and others) in our cross-platform API or the industry-standard FAST format and can configure and integrate Devexperts charting with the data sources needed for your business operations.

Full customization according to your requirements

We provide full customization of the charting product according to your needs, both on backend and GUI.

Painless installation and compatibility

Devexperts charting software can be embedded into your website in just a few minutes. The application front-end runs in any modern web-browser. Charting backend is a cross-platform Java application that can be deployed in cloud or your own datacenter.

Real-time quotes monitoring

The prices on charts are updated at the same moment they are registered in the system of market data providers. The system also supports historical data that can be viewed and analyzed on charts.

Historical data analysis

The application allows users to group the data into different periods –from one second to a month – and analyze the behavior of a selected instrument within various time frames. All historical data for as much as 20 years is stored in the system database and can be viewed and analyzed on charts.

An extensive set of drawing instruments (coming soon)

The application provides a wide set of drawing tools: horizontal lines, trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, and ABCD instrument. Using the drawings, you can mark certain areas on your charts, as well as drag, move, or delete your marks.

A wide choice of indicators for detailed technical analysis

dxCharts supports more than 50 indicators: moving averages (SMA, EMA, and MMA), MACD, TEMA, stochastic oscillators, Bollinger bands, RTI, ATR, and others.

Customizable notifications of price changes* (coming soon)

FCharting software equips users with price alarms for the most flexible control over trading practices. Users can determine the low and the upper price limits of an instrument with a special alarm line on a chart. In case the price of an instrument reaches the alarm line, a warning signal is heard and a notification is sent via email or text message (sms).

Detailed trading reports

The application interface includes a special cross tool that allows viewing quote details in a selected point of the chart area. Each quote corresponds to each spike on a line chart or to each candle or bar on candle and bar charts accordingly. The cross tool shows the current price, study, volume values and the time that corresponds to these values, as well as open, close, high and low prices during the trading day.

A variety of charting styles

The application offers various methods of data display: lines, candles, bars, and area. After applying a new charting style, the application automatically switches data representation.

User-friendly navigation tools

The software offers various methods of data display: lines, candles, and bars. The application interface enables to move the chart area backward and forward with a mouse or by scrolling the horizontal line below the chart area. The vertical scrolling is managed by mouse manually or automatically by activating the Automatic vertical scale function.

*Price alarms are not included in the standard services package and can be implemented as per customer’s request.


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