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DealBook® 360

DealBook®360 is a comprehensive, yet easy-to use financial software intended for the global business community (banks, forex brokers, hedge funds, financial companies, etc.) and provides currencies and derivatives trading support. The platform equips all groups of users-Forex traders, dealers, and back office managers - with advanced and feature-rich software interfaces for the most intelligent business approach by automatic trading strategies, flexible permissions, real-time risk management, and customizable software environment.

New! Futures trading available within the platform

Derivatives trading support provided within the Forex Trading software now includes futures trading, as well as forward contracts, CFDs, SBs, via the same application system. The application provides advances tools for futures trading and ensures direct access to global futures markets.

Professional automatic trading strategies

Automatic Trading System (ATS) is included with the Forex Trading software to create and safely test trading strategies that will suite a client’s individual objectives and enable completely automatic forex trading.

In-depth view of the current market trends

DealBook® 360 front office interfaces equip users with an embedded charting module for on-the-spot position viewing and technical analysis of real-time and historical data. The module provides historical pricing information to enable well-grounded business decisions.

Advanced order management technology

Forex middle office provides dealing desk with advanced order management system that allows for both manual and automated order execution, instant monitoring over each stage of order routing and detailed reporting on order processing.

Flexible permissions for smart system management

Forex back office enables to assign different permissions for various groups of application users (traders, fund managers, dealers, back-office managers), and to set various access rules to system features including paid services on per-user basis to provide flexible control over users’ activities.

White-Labeling - easy way to enter Forex market

Flexible application architecture enables to effortlessly develop any number of white-labeled versions of the system applications. It takes only 1 or 2 days to replace all application names and skins according to your partners’ requirements without additional software development costs. This approach allows you to implement and provide your forex brokerage services to your b2b partners in the most cost-effective way.

Cost-effective integration with liquidity providers

DealBook® 360 allows for integration with dozens of major liquidity providers, and can be configured to work with any number of executing brokers, clearing firms and financial institutions via FIX protocol for cost-effective, direct access to any number of required local and global organizations.

Flexible and easily tuned application settings

The application provides well-tuned interface that can be flexibly customized according to personal and business requirements. All settings applied to different application tools can be easily saved in a layout and quickly loaded if needed.

Easy access to all application tools

Application users can access all embedded functionality within the main application window in a single mouse-click. Your risk- and account-managers can instantly view all positions within users’ accounts, including risky transactions, and make real-time adjustments to pricing models for any currency pair. All accounts of a client can be displayed in a single application window, allowing the most convenient control over trading activity of each client.

Trading within the most available browser

Web version of the platform provides direct access to Forex market behind firewalls and proxies as users navigate the Internet within the most popular and available browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The WEB application of DealBook® 360 is developed on Google Web Toolkit technology enabling to create complex Web 2.0/AJAX user-interfaces.

Trading via mobile applications

The full set of the platform functionality is available through a wireless application on any pocket PC enabled device and is implemented on multiple platforms, such as Blackberry, Pocket PC, J2ME, Symbian, and Blackberry Native API.

Fully-integrated workplace

The software provides a full set of effective and useful functionality for successful dealing, including advanced charting module with more than 150 technical indicators, order execution strategies, order-and risk management tools.
Client, broker, or fund manager’s portfolio management
Access to any client reports and historical data, possibility to view, filter, and make changes to any clients’ positions across several accounts, including order cancellation and execution, as well as order grouping according to multiple parameters within a client’s order book. The platform can be configured to analyze and manage user portfolios both in automatic and manual modes.

Multiple order types

DealBook® 360 allows users to place multiple order types. The system supports Direct Deal orders, Market orders, Stop orders, Limit orders, OCO orders, Parent and contingents, and automated trailing Stop order types. Request a Quote order types are also available to enable flexible exchange rates according to order volume.

Smart order routing

Advanced execution strategies and algorithms for automated order processing allow for limitation of risks by configuration of risk order volume, so that the system will automatically process only configured order types (small and no-risk), enabling the dealing desk to manage large order volumes manually.

Fund management support

The platform enables fund managers to trade from multiple accounts, place orders and manage users’ funds on behalf of one or more clients.

Manageable quote processing

The application enables to view real-time quotes from multiple vendors, including LIBORs, in a single application window, to correct quotes manually when any error occurs, and to configure exchange rates for the whole system, a group of users, or even a single client by fixing various spread values.

Derivatives trading support


The software supports a wide range of financial derivatives, including forward contracts, CFDs, SBs and futures.

Smart account management

Dealers can group all users according to any parameters, for example, best trading skill or largest volumes of orders, for easy risk analysis, as the application provides real-time clients’ positions summary on each financial instrument.

Advanced order management

DealBook® 360 includes effective order management tools that allow for a number of order handling scenarios ranging from monitoring and troubleshooting of electronic orders to fully manual order execution. The system also supports handling of phone orders on a client’s behalf, diversion of trades, and in-depth analysis of order processing history.

Powerful charting module

Powerful charting engine supports both historical and live data, and is fully integrated into the application. The charting module enables to track positions and place trades directly from charts and features up to 150 technical indicators. The dealing-desk people can manually edit quotes to prevent spikes in databases.

Configurable events logging

The platform supports configurable events logging for audit investigation purposes, trade disputes with customers, and troubleshooting by software developers.

Detailed reporting

The application provides statements on clients’ trading activities according to multiple parameters, such as markets, financial instruments, and more.

Advances risk management


Risk offsetting

The platgorm equips risk managers with an interface for the company risk analysis. The application displays real-time positions of clients in the system compared with the broker’s positions. The dealing desk can manage risks by trading with banks and other financial institutions from the same workplace.

Instant risk reporting

DealBook® 360 provides risk managers with specialized reports to view all risk positions on per-user basis in a real-time mode, enabling on-the-spot risk assessment.

Safe margin trading

The system automatically closes risky positions and emails notifications to the clients whose transactions run to a permitted risk level or at a margin call. All trading operations are performed on margin basis, and margin rules can be customized for each group, client and instrument according to multiple parameters.

Risk ranking

The system enables to sort all clients and positions according to predefined risk level so that to set the most risky group of users whose transactions are subject to manual processing, offsetting, or closing.

Automated position hedging

The application instantly notifies the dealing desk when any client position amounts to a permitted transaction volume, and provides instant risk offsetting by trading with third-party financial institutions.

Full-featured workplace

DealBook® 360 equips traders with an extensive set of advanced trading tools, including powerful charting module with more than 150 technical indicators, derivatives trading support, portfolio and risk analysis, on-the-spot order execution, and many others.

Automated/algorithmic trading

DealBook® 360 is integrated with an automated trading system that allows traders to create trading strategies, perform back-testing on historical data, and place trades in fully automated mode on real data.

Real-time portfolio analysis

The platform provides live updating profit-loss and equity management. Users can see current equity, risk level, and margin, and can manage equity with advanced ordering, including parent and contingent, OCO (order cancels order), and trailing stop orders.

Derivatives trading support

DealBook® 360 equips traders with effective tools for derivatives trading. The application supports a wide range of financial derivatives, including forward contracts, CFDs, SBs and futures.

Detailed client statements

The platform offers users to choose from a range of client statements in about 10 various formats that help your clients to be aware of all their trading activities and account status.

Advanced charting module

The platform features an advanced build-in charting module that supports both historical and live data and enables to track positions and place trades directly from charts and features up to 150 technical indicators, including the richest variety of indicators by Joe DiNapoli.

Detailed view of currencies, indexes, and cross-rates

For integral view of the market, the platform provides users with a quoteboard tool that enables to easily monitor real-time streaming quotes on currencies, cross-rates, and indexes; this comprehensive interface can also be used for placing orders, requesting a quote, building charts, and other trading activities.

Multiple order types

With DealBook® 360, traders can place multiple order types. The application supports Direct Deal orders, Market orders, Stop orders, Limit orders, OCO orders, Parent and contingents, and automated trailing Stop order types.

Instant order processing

Traders can track and manage current working orders at a glance by currency, track open positions, close out existing positions, or protect current positions without the worry of common order entry errors. The execution of an order at the back-end is as fast as milliseconds.

Multiple languages

DealBook® 360 is available in multiple languages, so that traders can select a convenient language for trading. The application is localized into all major European languages, as well as Chinese (both Traditional & Simplified), Japanese and Korean, Arabic, and Hebrew languages.

Multiple accounts and base currencies

The platform supports multiple base currencies trading providing traders with the most natural setting for calculating real-time profits and losses and reading account statements. The software also ensures trading via multiple accounts with different base currencies.

Flexible permissions

The platform supports customizable permissions for each user, group of users, fund managers, dealers, and even back-office managers and enables to provide access to certain system functions, applications, client account, paid services, information and analytical resources. Back-end tool can provide back office managers with full access to all system functions and groups of users, or can restrict access to only one user or several groups in a read-only mode.

User account management

The application enables to create and edit user accounts and to change and fix various parameters for each client or account, including contact details, permissions, and multiple settings.

Powerful search engine

The application can scan and filter customer bases, and retrieve information about clients or group of clients according to multiple parameters.

Auto/manual maintenance of dictionaries

A set of tools is provided to maintain the complex structure of dictionaries required for financial instruments trading. The platform allows managing of service data, such as lists of instruments and specifications.

Powerful pricing engine


Multi-algorithm quote streaming

DealBook® 360 is empowered by multiple strategies of quote pricing and enables to choose different pricing methods for each financial instrument on the basis of a certain algorithm.

Historical market data

The system stores all quotes and historical data in a uniform database providing access to the full history of market data. The data can be easily retrieved and is helpful in charting module or for audit purposes.

Adjustable spread value for each group or client

The system enables to fix different quotes for certain group of clients or even a single client, providing customizable exchange rate spreads and flexible commission calculations.

Configurable commission schedule

The back-end provides multiple schedules of commissions and fees and enables to consider the volume of transaction, to fix commission for the contract, and to narrow or broaden spread rates for certain clients. The software can also be customized to take no commission charges.

Advanced reporting tools


Multiple reports formats

The platform ensures creating of reports and different data-providing methods, and includes more than 60 reports for different client organization departments: sales, accounting, and marketing. For those missing there is a custom report builder that enables to define additional report and statement formats. The reports are provided in HTML, CVS, and XML.

Client statements

The software offers to choose from a range of client statements in about 10 various formats to keep the clients aware of all their trading activities and account status. Each client or group of clients can be configured to receive only predefined reports; the additional report formats can be configured for certain clients if needed.

NFA and FSA support


The application includes report formats to provide accounting data for state assessing organizations, such as NFA (National Futures Association) in the USA, and FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the United Kingdom and Japan in compliance with their most strict standards and rules.

High performance of report building

The system provides a unique report building device that can maintain high performance of report processing and supports OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) copy of data, enabling the most effective and fast report building.

The application receives and distributes quotes from all stock, option, and futures markets in real time. To meet these requirements the system processes up to 1 000 000 incoming messages per second on 1U box and distributes up to five million messages per second.

Multiple data providers

The platform is integrated with more than 30 leading executive brokers, analytical and news agencies, financial institutions, and clearing companies around the globe.

Customizable links to local and global organizations

DealBook® 360 is a generic solution and can be integrated with any API providing financial institution, news or analytical agency, or other organization if needed.

Public API

The platform is empowered by public API to provide clients and partners with program interface and enables to modify the application front-end by adding and developing new features on the basis of the most available programming languages: Java, C++, C#, Delphi, and FIX protocol.


A standards-based FIX API is provided for clients who want to automate their trading or use third-party tools to enter orders and monitor their portfolios. In addition to the standard execution functionality the API provides access to market data, live positions, and account equity.


The application provides access to a wide range of market data sources, security profiles, and other accompanying information via the industry standard FAST protocol. Use of FAST allows for zero effort integration, maximum bandwidth efficiency, and reduced hardware expenses. The customer is free to choose from a variety of standard implementations.


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