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tradablethe world’s first open trading platform, was launched in November 2012.

tradable allows traders to seamlessly add third party developed apps to fully define their trading experience. Its functions and features are not limited by the original developer’s vision, or the initial specs of the brokerage firm, but instead can be expanded and modified quickly by the selection of third party software, and ultimately, by the end users themselves. tradable has introduced the integrated app store concept to the world of retail trading.  Traders are able to download apps crowd-sourced from a worldwide community of financially savvy third-party developers, enabling them to completely customize their platform’s feature-set to work in the way that best suits their particular trading style.

After going live with several brokers in the beginning of 2013, tradable received a lot of attention from the biggest players in the FX world. In September 2014,, one of the biggest FX brokers in the US, started offering the platform as an alternative to its proprietary frontend. In Japan the platform was adopted by Monex, one of the oldest and largest players in this enormous FX market. The broker started offering Tradable in December 2014 after successful deployment and integration of a full backend solution provided by Devexperts. In the beginning of 2015 Tradable also went live with IS Bank in Turkey and Iron FX globally.


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